All you need to know about BotPenguin’s Chatbot

Posted on September 27, 2021 at 02:02 PM

BotPenguin's Chatbot
If you are looking for technology-driven customer service or looking for the latest developments in the field of customer service delivery, then congratulations! You are at the right place! Customer service is undergoing a burgeoning change, replacing human workers and deploying chatbots to cater to customer queries. Chatbots are AI-powered software that communicate with users and site visitors through multiple ways like SMS, emails, and even voice messages. They respond by identifying the keywords, aligning them with their knowledge base, and providing the most relevant response to users. According to the Editor’s Choice, chatbots can cut operational costs by 30% and are highly efficient tools of communication. It is no wonder that the demand for chatbots is rising rapidly. Different software developing companies are coming up with unique and innovative ideas to cater to the ever-growing demands of customers. According to Bloomberg, 70% of small businesses will use chatbots in one way or another by 2025. Among these, BotPenguin has made a significant mark in the industry by providing quality services at reasonable prices. Its customer service chatbot instantly replies to customer queries and directs complex questions to service personnel. BotPenguin has a wide coverage of customers with different needs and demands and provides round-the-clock availability in solving queries. But how and why is it different from its competitors? To know this, let us have a look at some of its features:

Features of BotPenguin’s Chatbot:

Natural language processing- BotPenguin’s chatbot can efficiently interpret and act upon human language inputs. This allows it to understand customer messages and respond immediately. BotPenguin can also identify grammatical errors and interpret messages despite mistakes.
    1. Cost-effective- BotPenguin is a well-designed, intelligent, and inexpensive chatbot. It is a very cost-effective and feasible solution for businesses out there. By reducing the costs of handling customer services, it gives companies an added advantage to venture and expand into different directions.
BotPenguin's Chatbot
Image Source: BotPenguin
    1. Easily customized- BotPenguin offers a hyper-personalized messaging experience to the users. This makes it difficult to identify whether it’s a human or a bot. It helps customers accomplish almost everything they are looking for without having to navigate through the app or website.
    1. Deep analytics- BotPenguin captures insights, details, and important points from the user conversations and systematically computes them into its system. It saves the time and energy of navigating through the pages for gathering general customer information. It also fastens the process of updating records.
    1. Personalized, conversational UI- BotPenguin has an automated data processing system which makes it user-friendly. It greets customers politely rather than directly jumping to sales-related talks. As it is an AI-powered tool, its responses are fast and more relevant, and accurate. It thus reduces the wastage of time and errors, building a healthy relationship with the customer. BotPenguin does not merely respond to questions. It talks and it thinks too.
    1. Capable of being trained- BotPenguin is a user-friendly interface and can adapt to individual customer choices by accumulating data, studying customer behavior, and responding to them while considering their needs in mind. It can understand customer queries and easily caters to their demands. It can also be trained and updated to answer specific categories of questions by users.
    1. Multiple messaging channels- BotPenguin provides a personalized experience to its customers by connecting with them across channels such as text messages, email, social media, and video chats. It not only attracts a large number of customers but opens up new channels of communication for them.

BotPenguin’s integration with other platforms

BotPenguin is a user-friendly platform and readily connects with tools used by different teams. It increases the productivity of work and makes the process smooth. BotPenguin has a long list of platforms it can integrate with to provide a seamless work experience to the customers. Some of these platforms include:
      • Payment gateways- BotPenguin can be integrated with platforms like PayPal and Stripe for hassle-free transactions.
      • Scheduling- BotPenguin can be integrated with Google Calendar, Time Trade, Acuity Scheduling, Appointy, and many others to manage meetings across different time zones and schedule appointments efficiently.
      • Customer Relationship Management- BotPenguin can be integrated with Zoho, Pipedrive, Capsule, and other such platforms to manage relations with customers by storing data and tracking customer interactions.
      • E-Commerce- BotPenguin can boost sales with real-time data processing and can help in optimizing digital advertising ROAS. It keeps a track of customers, analyzes their behavior thus, maximizing sales.

Quick Summary of Chatbots

If you are looking for technology-driven customer service or looking for the latest developments in the field of customer service delivery, then BotPenguin’s chatbot is what you need.Customer service is undergoing change with Chatbots dominating the scene to solve queries. Chatbots are AI powered tools whose demand is rising rapidly. With the new developments taking place every day, it is almost a certainty that chatbots are here to stay, grow and change the dynamics of this industry. BotPenguin’ chatbot has made a significant mark in the industry by providing quality services at reasonable prices. Its customer service chatbot instantly replies to customer queries and directs complex questions to service personnel.   It performs a wide range of functions and has numerous features which make it unique and stand out from others. It is a conversational UI which can be trained, customized and personalized. It has a natural language processor, is cost effective and can be integrated with multiple platforms, CRM’s and payment gateways to make customer service a breeze for any business.

Why is BotPenguin’s Chatbot is better than its competitors?

BotPenguin has emerged as an impressive chatbot platform guiding entrepreneurs and budding businesses to have an automated UI on their websites. BotPenguin is better than its competitors as it offers a myriad of services in comparison to its rivals. Its services and chatbot generator are a great tool for businesses to savor technology cost-effectively as:
        • It is a non-coding chatbot platform with a conversational flow.
        • It supports several industries ranging from healthcare, travel, hospitality to banking, e-commerce, and much more.
        • It is a highly personalized platform with different templates catering to multiple uses and industries.
        • It is custom-built to fit into different business models.
        • BotPenguin is well designed to handle queries and schedule meetings.
        • It has an interactive analytics dashboard that can tap into visitors’ behavior.
        • BotPenguin can be integrated with different tools to ease operations and keep users happy and satisfied.
        • It assists in improved decision-making by gathering data and using it to increase the output.
        • BotPenguin caters to a wide range of industries ranging from real estate and insurance to health care, event planning, logistics, and much more.
        • It learns from every conversation with its customers. It improves itself by deploying a continuous feedback mechanism.
        • It provides improved customer satisfaction by answering queries quickly and efficiently.
        • It enhances employee satisfaction by performing repetitive tasks. It reduces the burden and saves time which can be utilized in finishing other tasks.


With the recent boom in the technology sector and the new developments taking place every day, it is no wonder that chatbots are here to stay, grow and change the dynamics of this industry in the coming years. According to Chatbots Live, 85% of customer interactions will be handled without human agents by 2021. In this scenario, BotPenguin is competing with its rivals in different arenas, improving its performance with time, customizing itself to business needs, and efficiently adapting to individual customer needs. Companies deploying BotPenguin’s cahtbot are already ahead in the competition and growing rapidly, providing maximum satisfaction and benefits to their customers. After all, a satisfied and contented customer is the best reviewer and advertiser for any business.

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