Android Application Development Beginning

Posted on July 17, 2018 at 12:08 PM

Android Application Development Beginning
Android nowadays is most often used the platform on smartphones, which has been used by people in a various number of ways over the internet. Now if you are having an idea to get into the making of an application, but you are not able to get where to start. Learning to code is quite difficult to start for a beginner, but simple java understanding can better help you out in building an application.In general, creating an Android application from beginning requires the SDK that is ( Software Development Kit ), an IDE that is ( Integrated Development Environment ), the ( JDK ) Java Software Development Kit and a virtual device to test on. All these tasks are required to be set up, then only the application will be available to be viewable in Google Play Store.Now, Let’s See what are the steps required to build a successful application:

Download The Android Studio

The most common IDE that is ( Integrated Development Environment ) for Android development is Android Studio. It can easily be downloaded from google play store. An IDE is what gives you the main UI where you will be entering the code.

Setting up Android Studio

Now, in order to setup android studio, you also need to install Java on your machine to use Android Studio. You are going to need to install the Java Development Kit (JDK). Java is the programming language you are going to be used to build your apps.

Starting A New Project

Once you have collected all the information and also have gathered few samples for developing an application. Enter the name you want for your application and your company domain. Together these elements will be used to create your package name with the following format that is: com.companyname.appname Then, The necessary information needs to be gathered for completion of an application that is building like APK file and Directory information. For the first creation, you will probably do the best to make something really simple that just displays a basic activity.

Making an actual thing

Once your app opens after completion of all the necessary information you should see a directory on the left with all the different files and folders that make up your app and a picture of a phone displaying ‘Hello World’ in the center. That means your app is ready and it has displayed Hello saying welcome to the Android world.

Layout / Design

Now, once the application is ready next comes the designing and making the layout of the app. That is if any changes or editing are required before publishing the app on google app store. So now get your hands dirty and learn on the job. It is complicated and it is frustrating but ultimately it’s highly rewarding and more than worth the initial effort for developing an application in a simpler way.

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