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Posted on February 11, 2019 at 01:26 PM

Welcome to the battle of apps vs bots. Are you team chatbot or team app? Pick your sides because we might have a tough fight. We know you all are cheering for your sides. We can hear some say that the Mobile apps era is over!! while the other side screaming the bots are nothing but just a fancy sales tactic!

We are here with an answer to this hotly debated topic of apps vs bots or chatbots vs mobile apps. But let’s first introduce you to the two teams.

  1. Team Mobile Apps

    Apps are small, self-contained programs specially designed for mobile devices and tablets to improve the user experience. Mobile apps turned 10 on the summer of 2018. While existing for more than a decade in the market, they have been transforming the users’ lives in so many different ways. From booking cabs or hotels in one tap to generating millions of revenue, they have not only done well to the society or the companies but also to the world economy. The global app revenue is estimated to hit $189 billion in 2020.

    We do not need to explain what apps are since they have been around us for quite a good time. Even the little kids know these days what an app is and where to find one. Apple’s app store and Google’s play store are the two major platforms providing a vast number of apps to download for the users. App store alone claims to have over 180 billion downloads.

  2. Team chatbots

    Now, unlike apps, chatbots are pretty new in the market and are yet in the developing stage. A Chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can stimulate a conversation with a user through interfaces like apps and websites. They enhance the customer experience by creating a conversational platform between a business and a user. Chatbots is a vast topic. To get an in-depth understanding of chatbots we recommend you to read our articles on chatbot. Whenever you open some website you must have seen a message popping on the screen with ‘How can I help you?’ or something similar. Well, that are chatbots.

    Even though the chatbots are a new edition in the market they keep on blooming rapidly. The global chatbot economy is growing and will continue to grow at a rate of 37.1% during the period of 2017-2020. Chatbot market size is set to exceed $ 1.34 billion by 2024. Hence, opportunities are endless and growing every day.


Well, we all know how much easier our lives have been with mobile apps. We no longer need a computer or a website to make a presentation or an excel sheet. We can do it just through Microsoft’s office apps. Photo editing, food ordering, hotel booking, cab booking, and oh! how can we forget shopping; The apps let you do it all in just a few taps. We have an app for probably everything today.

You can hear the app team screaming the other ways in which the mobile apps have helped a business thrive. It includes customer engagement, increased sales, enhanced loyalty and commitment, brand image etc.

Apps have given a great push to business revenues. Many businesses witnessed significant growth in their sales after launching a mobile app. Let us tell you about Starbucks. Starbucks made loyal digital relations with its customers by providing them with a mobile app. It tremendously enhanced customer engagement and solidified relationships with 14.2 million active U.S. rewards program members. Users were allowed to customize their orders. The app also suggested the possible combinations they can try on the basis of their past preferences and many drool-worthy offers for the users just through one app.

Why Chatbots are better than Mobile Apps?
  • Visual Interface: Apps are capable of providing a visual interface to the customers but bots cannot. Let’s say that you need to order food. Now, would you rather dictate a chatbot for all the options at different places or just hop on to Zomato and look at the visual menu? We think the answer is pretty clear, cheers to Zomato! A person can process a visual menu faster and so the Apps are better at it.
  • Technical tasks: When it comes to the technical tasks such as photo or video editing, voice-overs, animations and much more the mobile apps win again. Because the chatbots are not competent to perform such tasks. Whereas, there are several apps designed for such specific tasks only.
  • Human Ability to Improvise: The chatbots lack the human ability to improvise when having a dialogue with the customers. Imagine the feeling when you want to talk to an executive but stuck with the call centre chatbot. The apps are taking a lead here because the customer support staff can take over a conversation through apps with the customers and improvise better.
  • Programming: The programming of the apps is much simpler than that of chatbots. The complex programming of chatbots makes the apps better than the bots.

Convincing enough that the smartphone apps are the best? Wait, hear out the team Chatbot before your jump to any conclusion.

Chatbots are taking over the market by storm. Do you know that consumer preferences have been shifted to conversational marketing rather than traditional marketing? No? Well, you just heard it from us now. People like someone to attend them when they visit your website or any social media platform for that matter. Having an automated chatbot is a big relief to the companies.

Let me list down 7 ways in which chatbots serve as key players in increasing your sales
  1. Chatbots stimulate conversations with visitors just like humans which increases customer engagement.
  2. Chatbots provide 24*7customer support services. They never sleep even if you do. Now, no customer will go unattended or unheard.
  3. We can easily integrate them with various platforms such as Websites, social media platforms like Facebook, Messenger, or Zoho, Slack etc.
  4. You can use chatbots in whatever way you like. You can use it to answer the FAQs, for query handling and even for booking appointments and scheduling meetings.
  5. Chatbots are cost effective. Imagine all the hefty amount of money you will be spending for years and years on human resources for customer support. And, on the other hand, imagine just a one-time cost of chatbot.
  6. Consequently, they boost the conversion rate. As per some companies, their conversion rate increased by 300-400% just by implementing a chatbot.

Don’t believe us? Hear out what Adidas has to say about it.

Adidas introduced a women’s chatbot for its female customers specifically, for fitness sessions program. The sessions were fully booked within minutes. In the first two weeks alone, 2000 people signed up with 80% repeat use. The company claims that the retention after one week was 60% which is far better than what could have been received with an app. Gower was appreciative and positive about the results of chatbot implementation and said that Adidas will look forward to utilizing chatbots in other activities as well.

Why chatbots afre better than Mobile Apps?
  • Automated order booking: The chatbots are better than apps in the field of e-commerce. They can book orders automatically with ease on their own whereas mobile apps cannot do so.
  • Assistant: The assistant bots are professional and trained chatbots that book meetings, schedule appointments and handle queries all by themselves. Whereas, the apps cannot do that on their own.
  • Customer Support: If we talk about customer support sector then the bots are surely at the winning side. Chatbots can engage the customers in conversations with them. They are available 24×7 for the customer service and can easily answer all the FAqs and other queries too.
  • Business Mangement: Unlike apps, the chatbots can be used as marketing bots by integrating them with various platforms. They generate quality leads through productive dialogues with the customers and store them for your sales team to work on. Better the leads better will be the conversions and higher will be the revenue.
The Final Verdict: Will Bots Replace Apps?

No, Chatbots will never replace apps just as apps never replaced websites. The simple reason being that the two are quite different yet complementary. The chatbots will work effectually if complemented with apps. The apps cannot alone do the work of chatbots nor can the chatbots alone function like an app. However not implementing a chatbot will make your company suffer the same way the companies did when they failed to implement social media. So better catchup with the new trends and make the most of it before its too late!

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