Chatbot Development Platforms

Posted on December 15, 2018 at 11:01 AM

chatbot development platforms
Chatbot Development Platforms are a set of defined functions which developers use for faster development. For chatbot development, a developer can use various platforms on which these bots could be hosted. A chatbot development platform in simple terms is a tool/application through which one can create a chatbot. Then there is bot platform which are the online ecosystems where chatbots can be deployed and interact with users. Chatbot publishing platform is different as it is the medium through which a chatbot can be accessed and used by users.

Chatbot Publishing Platform

Facebook Messenger





Chatbot Development Platforms:


Microsoft Bot Frameworks

Offered by Microsoft, this Service provides a scalable, integrated development service to help developers create intelligent bots that have the ability to engage a user across multiple platforms. The SDK development tool is used for debugging the bots. Also, The cloud-based service is globally accessible, and these bots can communicate in various languages. is a CA-based technology company. This is a Natural Language Processing powered chatbot builder. It offers resources to create engaging and scalable bots to serve multiple demands. learns human language through every past interaction and uses the community to evolve and improve for the future. Of all the chatbot development platforms, support approx fifty languages. is a very useful visual bot builder powered by Natural Language Processing engine. It specifically targets the insurance sector. helps with advanced use cases to help insurance companies optimize their marketing, sales and customer service operations and reduce costs. It has extended its services to enterprises for a smarter solution.

IBM’s Watson

Watson named after IBM’s first CEO, Thomas J. Watson is one of the most famous platforms as approx. 61 % of businesses use this tool. Launched in 2010, it has the ability to learn from small data sets — the quality of data matters to it and not the quantity. In recent years, its capabilities have been extended, and the way in which Watson works has been changed too. It also has evolved machine learning abilities and optimized hardware available for developers. IBM aims to provide developers with an easy way for developing one of the best quality chatbots. It is believed that they have an intuitive interface that lets you build your bot quickly and reliably. iBM Watson is also the preferred chatbot development platforms when it comes to building an AI chatbot that can handle a complex conversation with ease. For example-Royal Bank of Scotland launched Luvo, a chatbot taught to answer customers’ questions in near-real time. It routes overly complicated requests to advisers using IBM Watson Conversation




Finding the best bot platform is subjective. It all depends on its purpose and usage. If one requires a simple FAQ bot then maybe the chatbot should be on one single platform, but an intelligent chatbot would undoubtedly require more than one platform. Choosing the best platform of all the chatbot development platforms can be tricky sometimes, but an experienced developer would know the best tool for your scalable future. So rather than stressing on which tool to choose, you must plan what the purpose of your bot is and which development company is the right partner for you. Know More: Ultimate Guide to Understand Chatbot Development
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