Chatbot Development Timeline

Posted on December 15, 2018 at 01:49 PM

chatbot development timeline

Chatbot development is a very subjective process. Some chatbots may take few hours, and some may even take long weeks. The chatbot development timeline varies from bot to bot. There are all sorts of chatbots that can be built for a brand. Now, first of all, a brand needs to focus on which kind of bot they require.

Chatbot Development Timeline for Development

Backend Development

A chatbot must have a backend to manage all the incoming stream of messages from multi-channels in the future. The backend enables integrations with existing systems and makes the bot intelligent than before which leads to better conversations with a user. Once the backend is in place, the developer would create modules to integrate with each channel.

For this task, the chatbot development timeline may range from 25 to 40 hours adding up all the subtasks(like channel specific integration, configuration etc.

Natural Language Processing

A vital step in chatbot development timeline is Natural Language Processing (NLP) services. NLP empowers bots to strike a logical conversation with a human. NLP is converting demands into explainable ideas for the chatbot to understand. Since a bot is going to receive chat messages in everyday language from a person, it needs integration with one of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) services to extract intents out of the message in plain language.

However, training the NLP takes considerable time and will be required to map all the possibilities for specific objects that are present in an existing system such as Products, names, and services etc. total time generally taken for NLP may take from 90 to 120 hours

Conversational Intelligence

This is an essential task for an intelligent, productive bot and may take 200-250 hours of development and coding. This step is necessary for complex chatbots because it helps in creating bots that can strike smarter conversations with the users.

Each conversation is tailored to a specific algorithm and features minimalistic navigation so that it is easy for a user to go through the chatbot. Conversational intelligence is only required for intelligent bots with multiple functionalities. this is also an essential part of chatbot development as users these days expect smarter interface experience.

Chatbot Development Timeline for Integration


Every useful chatbot serves a predefined purpose, and most of the goals are commercial such as ordering items, buying stuff, booking flights, etc. Your bot needs to have proper integration with the services your users will ask for in the future. This integration will certainly include business logic authentication and instructions and any other processes that might be essential as part of the whole business operation. A good backend development in the start can help save some development time here. this integration may take from 100 to 200 hours

Control Panel

Once a chatbot is out in the market, and the users are all over it, one may need a backend to track chatbot conversation history, users, errors, data etc. One may also add simple analytics to calculate the bot’s performance and manage data accordingly. This adds a considerable amount of clerical work into the chatbot development timeline. This process is an optional part of chatbot development and depends on the complexity of a chatbot.

As mentioned throughout, there are three major stages in chatbot development as discussed. Adding up all the hours in the chatbot development timeline; it may take from 550 to 700 hours for a productive Chatbot. A simple FAQ type of bot will take less than 500 hours. There are few companies like BotPenguin which provide platform to create free chatbot for website with basic features. You can visit their website to avail such services.

All this time means creating a digital solution for a scalable future. These many hours may seem like a costly affair for brands. But Don’t Worry! Relinns offers dynamic pricing and best quality chatbots for businesses. We are a tech development companies which aim to provide world-class digital services. have an innovative idea? Let’s talk!

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