The Ultimate Guide to understand Chatbot Development

Posted on November 15, 2018 at 11:31 AM

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What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a software/programme which simulates a conversation between itself and the user in a natural way. Chatbot development is done for the primary purpose of chatting with the customers of a brand hence termed as chatbots.

What can Chatbots do?

You may think that chatbot development is a new tech but the first chatbot was developed in 1964 at MIT. Depending on the purpose with which the chatbot its created, it’s functionality is determined.

Virtual Assistants

Artificial intelligence can be used to answer simple questions, help users with daily life which allows for human agents to focus on more critical problems. At the same time, this type of chatbot enables the company to have 24*7 services for their customer’s needs. The virtual assistant makes the conversation more human and less robotic. Some common examples are – Amazon Alexa, Siri and google assistant.

Automation of Manual Processes

Artificial intelligence is rapidly automating mechanical processes, Leaving more time for creation and innovation. The use of intelligent algorithms can now automate the processes of daily lives. In the chatbot development trends, this automation is going to change how we live in the future and is currently transforming our lives

Analysis of Unstructured Data

It is estimated that approx 80% of the digital data is unstructured. Organising and tracking this data leads to a better understanding of the users and making predictions based on tendencies. Data is crucial in the IT sector. Our ai chatbots can analyze the data with intelligence and plan it efficiently.

Customer Care

This is the main feature with which chatbots work. They aim at enhancing customer satisfaction. These chatbots can be an asset for a brand by helping them respond to their customer’s queries efficiently.

Types of chatbots

There is simple, basic chatbot development with natural structure and functionality and complex chatbots with Artificial intelligence. As AI sounds futuristic and exciting, chatbot developers are making attempts to build AI rich chatbots.

Now, Some chatbots are stateless, while others are stateful. This is all about how well these chatbots can handle material/data. Both of them act as equals under different uses. Stateless bots usually operate on a question-answer basis. Asking a question and the bot replies, but immediately, all context is forgotten. These bots may be forgetful, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t useful or essential.

Stateful bots are more engaging conversationalists. Stateful chatbots have different memories accordingly. Some remember specific context only in a single session, like a hotel service chatbot. However, some like Siri or Alexa are personalized to individual users, so they remember the various discussion, histories, and preferences across time.

Also, Chatbot interactions are divided into structured and unstructured interactions. The structured type is more about the logical flow of information, including menus, choices, and forms into account. The unstructured conversation flow includes freestyle plain text. Conversations with friends other acquaintances fall into this segment./p>

Chatbot Development Platforms

Chatbot development framework is a set of defined functions which developers use for faster development. Now, For chatbot development, there are various platforms on which these bots could be hosted. Then there is a chatbot platform which are the online ecosystems where chatbots can be deployed and interact with users.

Chatbot Development Platforms available are

  1. BotPenguin
  2. ChatFuel
  3. Microsoft Bot Frameworks
  5. IBM Watson
  6. Botsify
  7. ManyChat

Chatbot Publishing Platforms available are

  1. Messenger
  2. Slack
  3. Discord
  4. Telegram
  5. Kik
  6. Viber
  7. Line
Finding the best chatbot development platform is subjective. It all depends on its purpose and usage. If you require a simple FAQ bot then you maybe build the chatbot on one single platform, but an intelligent chatbot would undoubtedly require more than one platform.

Chatbot Development Languages

For creating chatbots, there are various options to choose in a programming language. The primary factor in deciding the programming language will depend on the supported APIs used by the platforms.

Chatbots for facebook messenger can be developed in any programming language. The telegram also supports multiple languages for development on its platform. Slack also has support for multiple languages for developing bots on its platform including node js, Javascript and Python.

The programming languages which are mostly used in developing the chatbots for Messenger, Telegram, and Slack includes

  • Python
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Clojure
  • C++
  • Ruby
  • Swift

As a business, you don’t need to know which language you should choose. A good chatbot developer would have a thorough knowledge of the language that needs to be used accordingly. Your vision should be creating a user-friendly bot for your brand.

Chatbot Development: Design Elements

The Design elements of a chatbot depend on the messaging platform you may choose to host the bot. These are the top design elements that can be considered to build a chatbot. These design elements act as small units in building an intelligent bot.

Smart Reply

This is a feature included to help a user respond fast to the chatbot without a user attempting to type anything. This smart feature is used when the chatbot is contextual -aware and can make the chatbot easy to use.

Get Started Button

This is a feature giving the user the ability to set the bot into action. Chatbot development for Facebook Messenger cannot work ahead without this feature.

Quick Reply

This is a fast response button which the user can click and send a message to the chatbot.

Persistent Menu

This can help in causing better customer satisfaction. It is that portion where the user can redirect according to their choice to a part of the bot that is not readily available.


These are used to serve information like texts, images, links and buttons as blocked containers. A user can select the card that is relevant and accordingly.


It is the feature that makes a customer take meaningful decisions. Buttons lead an action when the user clicks it. Interactive buttons can help the chatbot for functionality and aesthetical purposes too.

Developing scripts for these bots will follow suit for chatbot development. The chatbot developer ought to keep the sole purpose during scripting, thinking of all the possibilities before scripting conversations. For the chatbot developer, interpreting user’s answers is essential to develop scripts for a conversational user interface. The designer also turns his/her attention to conversations that are easy to handle and complex conversations that allow customers to communicate freely and naturally.

During the script work, if the chatbot developer wants the conversation to be as natural as it can be, open-ended questions prove to be the right fit to achieve this objective. With the user saying and typing whatever he wants to, the designer needs to be dedicated to framing questions and processing responses.

A chatbot is nothing without a human team, to improve its conversation, to add new functionality, to enrich its knowledge database(It’s called supervised training or learning). There are different practices like-Live coaching: when the bot is not confident/smart enough, if it doesn’t recognize any intent, a human is solicited to help him qualify the right intent. Daily training: every day an operator goes through all the engagements and analyze the intent qualified by the chatbot.

Chatbot Development Timeline

Integration with Chat

This duration depends on your chatbot complexity, but on average it takes 50-100 hours. It is Creation of a communication interface.

Command language User Interpreter

Depends upon the team performance. On average it takes 40-80 hours.

Natural language User Interface

On average it takes 130-200 hours.

Adaptation of existing business logic

It depends on the amount of logic and integration of the chatbot. On average it takes 200-300 hours. Totaling all the hard work, your chatbot would be given a specific cost accordingly.

Chatbot Development Cost

Chatbot development has various stages before it is launched, the complex development process requires a focused team which works with you along the way.

This would be-Backend development, integration of setup, handling Natural Language Processing entities by implementing a decision tree algorithm, configuration, implementation of the chatbot, configuration of storage etc. You don’t need to know how to build a chatbot! Thankfully chatbot and app development companies like Relinns are here to ease your work and make it more fluent.

Now, this development process varies as per the demand of your business. You wish to build a chatbot with multiple features? Then, the cost for your bot fluctuates, according to your business, .though some may think that they could not afford to get a chatbot, but chatbots are considerably cheaper than apps. Relinns offers dynamic pricing and bridges a gap between your business and the chatbot market.

Chatbot Development: For Business

chatbot development fact

Cost Reduction

Having a customer system incorporated means creating an independent service sector for your brand. It could be such a hassle, and at the end of the day, labour costs money. Here, chatbots for customer service could reduce costs by a significant percentage. Cutting costs in business is such a stressful event. Chatbots solve both the problem of cost efficiency and customer services in a convenient way.

Customer Support

Other than so many advantages these chatbots provide, the main benefit that could be considered is customer support. You have the opportunity to contribute to better help services when you are working with these ai chatbots.

Time Saver

Time is money! A 24×7 customer support would be affordable earlier, but now you get to enhance customer services and also keep your time. A chatbot development can take over your customer support. Your human workers can now focus on the more complicated, innovative tasks.


Marketing is a vital and complex responsibility of a brand. Traditional marketing services are going out of practice. Updated businesses are offering chatbots online for their users for better marketing strategies.

Lead Generation

Getting leads for a business is the most critical process. Lead generating chatbots can do wonders for a company. They can make a massive difference for planned growth. Your sales and statistics would tell the fact about how chatbots are accurate at generating leads accordingly. They work like a secret weapon.

Chatbot Development Trends

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is becoming a thing of the present. Developers are trying to develop intelligent chatbots than before for better experience. Smarter chatbots mean that they can work efficiently than before. Chatbots lack at times because they don’t have any contextual awareness. Artificial intelligence builds possibilities for better, advantageous chatbots for the future. These chatbots have the power to change the way we live in the future.

Voice Chat

With big companies like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, voice assistants are becoming popular. Chatting with the chatbot through speech is increasing as it provides ease to the user. Voice chatbot development has a promising future as the user behavior changes. With AI already in development, speech recognition is intelligent than before and will keep on growing.

Chatbots Online

As of now only 20% of the internet uses chatbots but according to reports approx. 93% of the internet is going to use chatbots by 2021. This shows the fact that how the rise of chatbots is inevitable. Also, it has been predicted that more than 80% of the businesses are going to use chatbots within five years. Another significant benefit would be that the website owner can now spend ample time on other important business engagements that will improve the return on investment(ROI).

Chatbot Development: Growth in Market

The chatbot market is growing at tremendous rates and will reach $ 1.34 billion in 2024. This market creates an opportunity for the companies to step in and enhance the growth of their business. The world today is changing how we build our brands. In such a small amount of time technology is shaping how we live our lives. Hence, growing a business today has become more comfortable in one sense and difficult in another.

A company which figures out the correct steps to take their brand to the next level is always victorious. Mobile apps and websites have become a part of daily life of this civilization and chatbot are going to be the future. Just in 2016, the Chatbot Industry was valued at a mere USD 190.8 million, but that figure is expected to arrive at USD 1.3 billion in 2025, in less than ten years. With full acceptance, chatbots market will show better growth rates. This promises for a future of better usage of these chatbots. Not only are they going to help business but they will also help out the common man.

Chatbot Development: Demand for Future Brands

chatbot development stat

To assure a successful chatbot, you must define your target audience, chatbot development platform, the tone of chat and use case scenarios.

A successful chatbot is that bot which is designed with a careful understanding of your potential user.

The communication between you and your bot is not just about the conversation but about also emotions. An emotionally rich chatbot can help serve the user with better experience and engagement. A cold and automatic chat robot will not make the customer feel satisfied. And today, the business which knows how to handle and enhance the feelings of customers are growing the most. It should make people comfortable and be fully equipped to give people what they want.

Making use of friendly language to make users feel that they are chatting with a familiar person will help the chatbot to feel less than a programme and more innovative for the end user. Conveying a positive sentiment will make the user feel connected with the bot the way it would with a living being. This effect can do wonders for a successful but if a user starts struggling with the interface and feels like they have wasted their time, its time to update to chatbot development with better understanding. Help your users feel that they are in a secure place where their information is safe.

In the end, a chatbot must be user-friendly. The chatbot developer should know who the user is and the purpose the bot is going to serve.

Here, the main focus should be clear about what is going to be created and what kind of problems should be solved. Once the developer is clear what the primary function, usage is, the development is not more complicated than that of a simple mobile application.

But, what you do need is a dedicated and creative team who knows what your business needs and helps you along your goals. Building a chatbot may sound simple but even simple things need smart work and clever innovation to stand out in the market. Relinns helps you to achieve this triumph in the digital sector. We build businesses grow through creating and developing technologies that are unique and extraordinary.

Chatbot development can be a difficult task but with a dedicated and focused approach, you may be able to build a bot for your requirements. Before planning about chatbot development, you need to figure out its purpose, problems it tends to solve and the potential uses.

Chatbot Development Services


Do you want a bot that could generate leads at an instant? Bot penguin is our ready to use chatbot that can be used for so many basically generates leads and saves it in CRM, saving your time and effort to find contact information. The rates for this type of bot is pretty genuine. That is 20$ to 200$ per month according to your business needs.

Want a Custom ChatBot?

Then this plan would be suitable for you. We have done chatbot development in the past too, that is unique. It will work the way you want to. For a complicated multitasking bot with multiple functionalities to a simple FAQ bot, anything could be created by our team. We help businesses with efficient, creative methods. The minimum rates for developing these type of bot would be a min of 3000$ and upwards — standards that could be implemented for your business.

The exact rate depends on the specific chatbot you wish to create. If we build a chatbot which has functionalities like lead generation, scripts, NLP features, the price would undoubtedly go high. The cost here depends on thousands of hours of work put in by us to help your business scale for the future. It is a simple decision of businesses to embrace the development as chatbots rise in the business world.

Chatbot Development Company

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella believes that chatbots will fundamentally revolutionize how everybody experiences computing. Big enterprises today believe that bots are going to be the next big thing there where opportunities are going to be endless. It is high time that all types of business start investing in this sector to reap benefits. To build a chatbot for your own, business, brand, company, contact us and discuss your innovative ideas with us. We believe in helping our clients with dedicated efforts and building successful ventures.

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