Chatbots vs Mobile Apps

Posted on November 14, 2018 at 12:43 PM

chatbots vs mobile apps
Mobile applications have become a part of our life in this modern world. On the summer of 2018 the mobile app ecosystem, one of the biggest industries on this planet turned 10. In such a small amount of time, this industry has grown so fast that in 2017, there were 197 billion app downloads! It has been made possible by millions of mobile app developments and possibly billions of smartphone owners who use mobile apps daily and the big tech. companies that drive this industry like Apple, Google etc. These apps are changing and shaping modern civilization in so many ways. Today there are thousands of apps in app store, but a successful app is that application that could help and serve the customers through an interface which delivers the needs and demands of a user. The primary focus of mobile app development should be user experience. As the competition in the industry increases to launch better apps, users are active on apps for an avg. of 2.5 hours daily. This number has caused the app industries to make a revenue of 77 billion dollars in 2017. Applications are changing the other industries of the world. every business-small or big wants to profit out of this sector. Everything that we imagined 10 years ago is all available inside our phones and tablets within the reach of a click.

What is a chatbot

Now, chatbots are so different from apps .mobile applications is a vast topic but Chatbot is also becoming a tool that the business of today and tomorrow needs. A Chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation with a user through interfaces like apps and websites. Simply, a chat robot offers assistance similar to a human serving as a help desk. So when the end consumer opens up a dialogue box for conversation, the bot becomes the medium that responds. They can be easily bifurcated into two categories. The simple Question and Answer bot requires a smaller skillset is limited to answer only a specific set of commands/functions while the smarter machine learning Chatbots use the full potential of Artificial Intelligence. we can say that chatbots could be a part of the apps and could complement the working of an application. Chatbot applications enhance the customer experience by creating a conversational platform between a business and a user. At the same time, they offer companies new opportunities to improve the customer’s engagement process and operational efficiency by reducing the typical cost of customer service.businesses without considering the use of chatbots can suffer the way businesses did not expand on social media when the market demanded recent years ago. The Global Chatbot economy is growing at an approximate rate of 37.1% during the period of 2017-2021. Chatbot market size is set to exceed $ 1.34 billion by 2024.hence, opportunities are endless and growing every day. But how do chatbots work really? To be an efficient/effective bot and the ability to provide relevant answers, the Chatbot basically uses four significant parameters as- Suitable Algorithms, Text Classifiers, Artificial Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing (NLP). All these factors contribute to the overall bot functionality and knowledge of the Chatbot. To have the ultimate guide to understand chatbots, one needs to have a basic knowledge about these following terms. NLP: Natural Language Processing NLP is a term used for interpreting language elements. It means that the bot breaks down the input, analyzes the structure, interpret the words, understand the meaning, and constructing a meaningful response for the user to understand. NLU: Natural Language Understanding This is a primary subset of NLP but a very important one, which takes unstructured inputs converts them into an objective structure for machines to understand based on a pre-constructed database of words and associations. Machines have a difficult time understanding different accents, errors, grammar, sentence structure etc- in a language without rules and boundaries.NLU helps to overcome this varying nature of language. NLG: Natural language generation When computers output language, following the rules of sentence construction, word associations, thesaurus use, understanding the form of input to create appropriate output, NLG converts machine rules and structured association responses into text.

A basic guide as to how chatbots work-

  1. Users use various chat platforms like Facebook messenger and others to launch the bot. They ask queries to the bot or have conversations.
  2. After authentication and verification, the chatbot core engine uses its NLP/NLU engine to interpret and dissect the user query.
  3. The matching engine then refers to the database to get the most appropriate response to the query.
  4. The response to the query is formulated in the NLU and NLG engine based on the query response.
  5. The database is managed and enhanced by various modules in the Admin platform including the training engine to ensure a learning or training mode for the bot to grow more intelligent with usage.
Now, apps are software that is designed for functions, branched into various types according to its uses and potential user. But chatbots could be the next big thing after apps. Using Chatbot is a Fun way to engage with potential customers and turn them into paying customers. chatbots are bots engaging with customers in a much more meaningful way causing better customer satisfaction and end results. For example -M Royal Dutch Airlines, launched a chatbot called “BB” ( BlueBot). The sole purpose of BB is to help passengers book tickets and keep them up to date on gate changes, flight tracking, and other important similar functions. The company built the chatbot to assist its human support team, which handles more than 15,000 customer interactions weekly. In just the first six months of operation, BB sent approximately two million messages to more than 500,000 customers. As per 2018” state of chatbots” report, In almost every case, it stipulates that users believe chatbots offer more benefits when communicating with businesses, in comparison to apps. The biggest difference is in the area of “getting quick answers to simple questions,” where 69 percent of participants say chatbots are up to the task. Now, you might be curious as to how to build an ai chatbot. creating a chatbot is a complex task, but it is this advancement that can help a business to grow at a tremendous rate. But, by no means will chatbots entirely replace apps, in the same way, that by no means did apps entirely replace websites. Chatbots, similarly, is simply a natural progression to change. Apps were just an alternative to websites by a change in consumer behaviour/preference, i.e. a shift to mobile devices. Do you want to build a chatbot? Whatever works right for your business, Relinns offers chatbots and application development services as per the needs of a business model.. boost your business with mobile application development to be a part of this digital era. Here, we believe that our client’s success is our success and help you guide along the path.
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