How much does it cost to build a Chatbot?

Posted on December 1, 2018 at 07:37 AM

cost to build a chatbot

It’s not easy to build a chatbot. Developers require great skill sets and dedication. Earlier chatbots were simple hence they were easier to create. now with greater development and innovations, even the chatbot market is evolving.

What is a Chatbot

A chatbot is a program designed for a user to communicate in a natural way. Its primary purpose has been customer experience and customer support. Chatbots market is set to exceed 1.34 by 2022. This means these bots will enhance so many industries in the future. There are various business opportunities that we don’t even comprehend right now. Other than being a communication system, these bots are becoming more than just chatterbots. Chatbots help businesses to grow to the next level in innovative ways.

In this era, AI is playing a significant role for its functionalities. A very important feature of chatbot is lead generation. Lead generation is a very important process for any business. These chatbots are being built today for these bigger functions and are helping run businesses other than being a technical bot. This new path allows a way for your potential customer for better engagement. Bots have the ability to even transform your workplace.

Soon there won’t be a need for technical labor at your office. Bots would be available at all times. It is predicted that your customer won’t be able to distinguish between a chatbot or a human by 2029 and 20% of the internet already uses chatbots which are gonna rise to 93% by 2022. This conveys about the success that chatbots promise.

What can Chatbots do

It may seem that you can build a chatbot with ease, but these bots don’t usually have a single functionality, i.e. to chat, but these bots are becoming crucial than ever.

Virtual Assistants

Artificial Intelligence is usually used to answer questions, helping users with monotonous life. Build an ai chatbot for your business and you have a virtual assistant for your business! This allows for human agents to focus on more critical problems. At the same time, this sort of chatbot enables a company to have a 24X7 service available for their customers. The virtual assistant makes the conversation more human and less robotic. Some virtual assistants that you already might have seen- Alexa, Siri, Google assistant etc.

Idea Generation

AI chatbots feel amazing because they can learn like a human. This allows them to adapt when the market changes, as well as continuously improve performance as more data comes in. They could help in better generation of data and are more helpful.

Automation of manual processes

Artificial intelligence is rapidly automating routine processes. Leaving more time for creation and innovation for real tasks. The use of intelligent algorithms can even automate the process of collecting data from various reports and perform an analysis to determine the profitability of a particular business path. You can build a chatbot with AI, but keep in mind, the complex development process takes time and money.

Analysis of unstructured data

Its estimated that 80% of the digital data is usually unstructured. Planning this data leads to a better understanding of the users and making predictions based on tendencies. The insights provided by these bots are beneficial.

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Rise of Chatbot

With all these functionalities, you may want to build your own chatbot as the rise of this market is inevitable. The contextual conversation may be the reason to blame this rising. With the vast usage of message platforms, users are comfortable with chat platforms. According to surveys and reports; it was found that a vast portion of customers prefer asking for a query through a chat platform rather than talking to customer service worker.

There is a term called app fatigue that refers to the overloading of apps on people’s devices but decreased use of the same apps. Even statistics show that app usage has stopped increasing for three years now. A lot of developers believe that chatbots can replace traditional applications altogether. Messaging platforms are being used more than social media too(3.7 billion chat users,3.5 social media users).

Several reasons why apps are becoming less popular

  1. Creating and updating applications cost more money.
  2. Bots can learn from users. (becoming more intelligent).
  3. There’s an overabundance of apps. As a result, it gets difficult for businesses to convince a potential user to install an app.
  4. With chatbots, there’s no need for UI

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They are building AI bots because they know how they have the potential to reduce significant costs. Chatbots can be more efficient than their human workers too. Businesses and enterprises prefer bots as they work faster and make fewer errors. In an interview, Microsoft CEO told how he believes that chatbots are here to stay and will revolutionize our future. This is the other reason why businesses are investing in chatbots. The functionalities are not limited to a single platform. Lead generation, FAQs, query platform, AI etc.- can be some of the features. Hence opportunities seem endless for any investor. This makes building a bot worth the time and money.

Build a chatbot

You need to build a chatbot according to your business. A chatbot must be created with keeping in mind the purpose of the chatbot. Let’s say you have a hotel and you want to build a chatbot that could answer simple queries of your customers and can serve as a help desk. A developer for your bot needs to have a clear vision to build a chatbot that could work for you. This sort of app would have different tech stacks and lesser complex structure. Customers want to talk to the bot who has a rich AI brain. But, not every business needs to build a chatbot with large features. As I have been saying, the type of chatbot depends solely on the functions your business demands.

According to a suitable choice either AI chatbot or a simple chatbot. You have a range of platforms available including Facebook Messenger, Slack, Discord, Telegram as a choice of platform to host the chatbot. Settling on the services that can be used to build the chatbot is not easy. Your chatbot developer with thorough knowledge about your business would guide you about the best service for your brand. Some of the facilities that can be used are-IBM’s Watson, etc. Some of the development platforms that your developer could use to build a chatbot from scratch are – Chatfuel, Octane etc.

Chatbot Developer

Your developer needs to keep in mind that your bot needs to be designed in a way that does not complicate matters instead provide them with the convenient user experience. Chatbots are all about customer satisfaction and engagement. Hence a floppy interface does not go with the vision of a chatbot. Bot development should be planned in a way that assures conversation with a user is seamless.

Your bot must be built keeping in mind that your potential users would like a human rich bot. An emotional sentiment connected with a bot makes the bot more useful and less robotic. Developing scripts requires patience and dedication. The developer needs to keep an open mind and think about all the possibilities. if you are developing a bot for lead generation, working on scripts is a must. All this needs to be monitored carefully. Build a chatbot from scratch and that might be the solution to compete with big companies. Chatbots will give you authenticity and build your brand. Chatbots are growing the way mobile apps started growing some years ago(chatbot vs mobile apps). They won’t replace apps, but their need and usage will undoubtedly multiply.

Chatbot Build Cost

Chatbot development has various stages before it is launched, the development process requires a dedicated team which works with you along the way. Your chatbot is made up of complicated terms that only your developer would know.

This would be-Backend development, integration of setup, handle NLP entities by implementing a decision tree algorithm, configuration, implementation of the chatbot, configuration of storage etc.- You don’t need to know how to build a chatbot! Thankfully chatbot and app development company like relinns are here to ease your work.

Now, this development process varies as per the demand of your wish to build a chatbot with multiple features? Then, the cost for your bot fluctuates, according to your business, .though some may think that they could not afford to get a chatbot, but in reality that is so not true. Relinns offers dynamic pricing and bridges a gap between your business and the chatbot market.

Chatbot Types


Do you want a bot that could generate leads at an instant? Bot penguin is our ready to use a bot that can be used for so many basically generates leads and saves it in CRM, saving your time and effort to find contact information. The rates for this type of bot is pretty genuine. that is 20$ to 200$ per month according to your business needs.

Custom Bot

Then this plan would be suitable for you. We have developed bots in the past too that are unique. It will work the way you want to. For a complicated multitasking bot with multiple functionalities to a simple FAQ bot, anything could be created by our team. We help businesses with better creative methods. The minimum rates for developing these type of bot would be a min of 3000$ and upwards. Standards that could be implemented for your business.

The exact rate depends on the specific bot you wish to create. If we build a chatbot which has functionalities like lead generation, scripts, NLP features, the price would certainly go high. The cost here depends on thousands of hours of work put in by us to help your business scale for the future. It is a simple decision of businesses to embrace the development as chatbots rise in the business world.

The cost to build a chatbot from scratch

Integration with chat

This duration depends on your bot complexity, but on average it takes 50-100 hours. Creation of a communication interface.

Command language user interpreter

Depends on some teams. On average it takes 40-80 hours.

The natural language user interface

On average it takes 130-200 hours.

Business logic

Adaptation of existing business logic, if there already are web applications for a mobile app. It depends on the amount of logic and integration of the bot. On average it takes 200-300 hours. Totaling all the hard work, your chatbot would be given a specific cost accordingly.

Who are we?

We are a tech development company that specializes in chatbot and app development. we help businesses grow with better solutions.

Chatbots are rising as the hot topic of the digital era. Need our help for moving into the digital market? Want to build a chatbot? That’s great! Every business needs change and newness.

Lets to talk! Our team believes in your endeavors and will guide you along the way.

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