How To Create A Dating App That Meets User Expectations

Posted on November 21, 2018 at 07:20 AM

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Dating app industry is an innovative $ 3 billion market that is set to grow in coming years. earlier online dating was not really supported but today millennials have changed and encouraged the online dating a survey, it was found that 12% of 18-29 people have admitted being in a relationship through an online platform. hence, the market is flooded with numerous and hundreds of dating apps. the biggest and famous ones are TINDER, BADDOO etc-.but, it has been seen that new, creative changes and features make an app successful. online dating usage has tripled between the age of 18-24 With over 27% of committed relationships starting via the internet. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2018-2023) of 4.8%. The opportunities with online dating grow as Millennials work longer hours and have faster lives..investing in a dating app may seem like the best option, but, not every app can withhold user expectation and in the end, they may even turn out to be unsuccessful.So, to create a dating app or business model for the mobile app, you must keep in mind a users expectation. Let’s dive deep into them.

1) Security

Users expect a potential good dating app to provide them with privacy and security. without proper security features, has lead to rising in crimes through these apps.this creates a negative effect on the dating app market as people would start backing out from an unsafe platform .a users data must be safe for any future threats. including security checks for users can be something new for your needs to create a dating app that promises to Provide a safe user experience..being transparent about how the app works causes better customer satisfaction and engagement. a potential user should not feel – dating app?-are they safe!? Being true with your customers is a positive trait that an app must adapt to create a dating app.

2) User Experience

Elegant and convenient user experience only can take an app to become successful. one of the reasons that TINDER has become widely famous is due to easy features and its interface. Dating is a process of nervousness for so many of us. so to create a dating app that supports the user and makes dating an unstressful event is one of the most important needs of a great app.

3) Location Based Feature

The location-based feature makes the apps more realistic and convenient for use. if you are able to provide services with convenience, the app does get successful. location based features are popular right now and users prefer it over traditional apps. When someone is using any dating app, it means he/she is looking forward to meeting interesting people nearby, so rather than just suggesting people, you can suggest interesting people that best match with their profile. It would be helpful for your users to find a perfect match. also, location-enabled features mean that there are online dating features in a single touch anytime, anywhere.

4) Creative/Innovative

In a survey it was found that only 20% of people using the app are there to find love, others are usually looking for fun in their monotonous, creative, unique features may help you .while creating a dating app. you should try offering something different and unique when thinking about investing in the market. For ex-coffee meets bagel, a dating app gives only 5 matches daily hence making the user want to come back daily to check the app.this unique feature makes it different from other apps. The agenda should be that the final resulting app experience is relatable.

5) Intelligent App

AI is a great method to increase a users experience. you can add various features that could make you stand out in the market. creating an intelligent app is difficult because it requires AI development but can be accomplished with hard work and a knowledgeable team. example, Dine, the dating app, uses a feature which on a weekly basis requests all users to either “like” or “dislike” a series of random photos across users with the main purpose to measure specific tastes of a user. hence artificial intelligence can be used for creating better matches according to like, dislikes and user behaviour. AI can be used for more productive uses and make the functioning futuristic. AI has the power to efficiently and effectively learn about a user’s preferences in great detail which in return can significantly increase the user’s experience on dating apps.

6) Support Meeting

The dating app is designed so that people get to have the chance to date, know people or potential partners, so features must be added which make a face to face meeting an easy task rather than an awkward one..sharing insights and suggestions for the user is a positive feature to create a dating app. Suggesting cafes and meeting up places can make the app more interactive and useful.

7) Chatting and other Social Features

A dating app is incomplete without a chatting feature and one needs to remember that dating is all about talking and getting to know about the other person. a social platform accommodated would make users be able to share their stories better. making conversations easier. features like video calling can also be incorporated as per your business model.

8) Real-time Notifications

Real-time notifications are really important as they pull back the user to the app after creating an interest. but, good and useful notifications should only be displayed otherwise the user may get annoyed.


So, entrepreneurs, who want to create tinder like dating apps, can grab the opportunity to create their own dating solution that stands apart. users expect something that is witty and new. new concepts and ideas are always the starts to a successful business. at Relinns, we help entrepreneurs and enthusiasts enter the app market by developing a customized dating app as per their needs. we believe that the market is growing and it is the correct time to step into this digital benefit. Relinns will help you create a dating app for a successful tomorrow. do any of you readers have any suggestions about user expectations or any point we forgot to mention? do comment down below. we believe in learning and sharing knowledge. do pitch in your wonderful ideas!
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