Digital Marketing Trends Affecting Future

Posted on July 17, 2018 at 12:23 PM

Digital Marketing Trends Affecting Future

With advancement in technology let's discuss some of hottest phenomena we think will change digital marketing in 2017.

AI revolution digital marketing:

Artificial Intelligence is considered to be the biggest revolution in digital marketing. The most important two things in AI that will change the complete concept into digital marketing are: Adoption of AI as a service and Changing marketing from one-way communication to a digitalized conceptual way.

It's all almost related to customer experience:

The ability to engage with an individual with relevant timing and with great content throughout the customer’s entire journey cannot be built in one month. It all depends on what kind of content and what kind of activities you are performing to have a good engagement with your customers.

Social Media going beyond engagement:

Social media analytics are getting more powerful, precise and easier to use. Various Marketers are going beyond engagement rate because they are in desperate need of tools for measuring the quality of content and number of visitors they think they are assuming to be increased.

Augmented reality moves beyond gaming:

Most of the consumers are ready for augmented reality with latest advancement technology. Various technologies today have massive marketing potential to expand storytelling and take people closer to experiences than ever before.

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