How to Succeed as a UI/UX Designer Fresher?

Posted on November 3, 2022 at 05:24 AM

How to Succeed as a UI-UX Designer Fresher

Are you curious about how you can find your feet as a UI/UX Designer? 

Do you want to stand out from the crowd during your UI/UX internship? 

Are you still in college and want to groom yourself before campus recruitment starts?

Whatever situation out of the above best explains your state; you are at the right place to get all the required answers to your question.

A survey from CNN Money forecasts that demand for UX designers will grow by 13% CAGR between 2017 and 2027, signifying that the competition will increase with each passing year. 

As a result, it becomes necessary to adhere to a plan that will bestow success on you.

You need not fret, as we will tell you how you can succeed as a UI/UX designer fresher!

So, without further ado, let us get started!

How to get started as a UI/UX Designer?


Those yet to enter the UI/UX world must know how they can become one and flourish from thereon.

Here we tell you how you can succeed as a visual designer fresher!

1. What is your area of interest?

Finding your reason to become a UI/UX designer is essential as it is what keeps you moving in the long run! 

Suppose you are eager to design and develop interfaces for an app, then you must focus on learning the skills and pieces of knowledge relevant to that aspect of UI/UX designing.

2. Have you learned all the required UI UX design skills?

A UI/UX designer fresher must devote considerable time to honing their skills.

They can do so by practicing every day, reading books or articles on color combination and design, and enrolling in UI UX courses.

3. Add tools to your arsenal!

Adobe Research conducted a survey and discovered that 42% of hiring managers prefer to hire those interface designer freshers who know how to use UI/UX tools.

Several such tools are available in the market, making it challenging to select which ones to learn. However, the safest options to go with are Figma and Adobe XD.

4. Practice the skills through real work

Until now, we emphasized that you must focus on acquiring the required skillset and mastering the tools. 

However, all your knowledge will be dud if you do not put them to the test.

It means you must challenge yourself daily and volunteer or intern in some projects. 

Apart from that, you can even redesign some familiar projects to showcase your capabilities!

5. Build your portfolio

Resumes and Letters are crucial, but nothing beats a well-designed portfolio. 

A well-designed portfolio informs employers of your creative thinking, design skills, and problem-solving capabilities.

Therefore, you should work on making your portfolio impressive and authentic.

6. Use social media and build your brand

LinkedIn and Instagram are the social media platforms that can help you get noticed by employers and customers. 

Therefore, UI/UX designers fresher must use these platforms to their advantage and showcase their work here.

7. UI/UX job interview preparation

The last step is to apply for the UI/UX profile vacancies.

All you need for this stage is a portfolio and cover letter. 

There might be situations where some companies would like to evaluate your capabilities by organizing an interview before hiring you.

What hard skills do you need to focus on as a UI/UX Designer?


Hard skills refer to all the technical knowledge one needs in their profile. Here we shall discuss the skills you will need in order to become a competent visual designer.

1. UX Research

UX research is the skill that lets a UI/UX designer create a breath-taking user experience for a product. 

Various tasks fall into the UX research skills, such as reviewing the quantitative data and conducting user interviews.

Mastering this skill enables you to choose the right participants and record results from unstructured discussions.

2. Wireframing And Prototyping

Working on your “wireframing and prototyping” skills helps you figure out which features to display, how to display them, and where they must be positioned.

Another thing you do at this stage is testing the functionality of your product before the final production.

3. Visual Design

A UI/UX designer’s job heavily revolves around visual design. 

As a result, this makes it necessary for you to possess a comprehensive comprehension of visual language (color theory, layouts, etc.)

You should know the reason for every design choice you make while working on any project.

4. Typography

Typography is essential for UI/UX designers as it lets them catch users’ attention by defining and distinguishing the content in their designs.  

5. Knowledge Of Design Tools

A good command of industry-standard tools such as Adobe XD and Figma lets a UI/UX designer create wireframes and user interface designs. They can also develop interactive prototypes! 

Thus, freshers must practice these tools to perfection by enrolling themselves in advanced courses.

What soft skills do you need to focus on as a UI/UX Designer?


If hard skills are the body, then soft skills are the soul. You must rely on more than just hard skills to thrive as a visual designer. 

Therefore, we bring to your notice the soft skills that will help you go further in your career.

1. Empathy

Empathy comes into play when a UI/UX designer needs to interact with users or customers to gain insights into their expectations and requirements. 

You can understand their requirements and devise appealing solutions only when you are empathetic enough to wrap your head around their perspectives.

Thus, instilling empathy in yourself is the first step to succeeding as a UI/UX designer.

2. Curiosity

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but, in your case, curiosity can give you a life in the form of a job opportunity! 

A UI/UX designer must be willing to learn more than what is written in a book and view a single problem from various angles. 

Besides examining a problem from different perspectives, they should also ask themselves several questions to better their design choices.

3. Communication

Communication is integral to your job since you will be required to convey your thoughts and ideas to various stakeholders and team members. 

The inability to do so will hamper your work, leading to a shoddy outcome and your ouster. Hence, UI/UX designers must work on their communication skills and also be good listeners.

4. Collaboration

A UI/UX developer works with several players, such as clients, developers, testers, and coders, and seeks feedback to deliver the best possible product.

Thus, it requires you to be friendly and willing to work as a team.

5. Analytical Ability

A UI/UX designer does much better when they hone their analytical ability. 

Analytical ability lets you comprehend percentages, numbers, and ratios, which in turn helps you infer new solutions and realize product features.

6. Flexibility

Visual designer needs to be open to changes in their routine as it helps them focus on their tasks more. 

This open-mindedness includes being able to easily take on extra responsibilities, accept changes in their shifts, multitask, etc.

Where can you intern as a UI/UX Designer?


You can find several vacancies on websites such as,,, and

Another place where you can intern and grow as a UI/UX designer is—Relinns Technologies. 

Relinns Technologies is a place where you can hone your existing skills and gain quality experience under the guidance of trained professionals.   

We provide a positive work environment conducive to learning several new things while keeping the fun factor intact!


Succeeding as a UI/UX designer fresher is made possible by adhering to some rules and acquiring sought-after hard and soft skills. 

In this blog, we tried to tell you the right approach to starting your career in this field and which skills you must focus on and develop.

You can take the first step by interning at a reputed company such as Relinns Technologies that knows the importance of learning from one’s mistakes while keeping a positive outlook. 

Head to our website Relinns Technologies for more information!

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