Initial Coin Offering – Raising Funds For New Cryptocurrency

Posted on July 17, 2018 at 10:32 AM

initial coin offerings

Initial Coin Offering which means the process of releasing the digital token as a process for introducing the new cryptocurrency to the industry.It is a common method that is used for many currencies.

Now if a company want to raise fund for their crypto coin project, then certain steps need to be followed.

– A white paper will be released which will address the need of Minimum capital that they have to raise. If the expected amount has not reached, then the ICO is considered as unsuccessful, and the funds will be returned to the investors who has invested.

– The next important part of ICO is Mix ratio, it says how much money the founders will keep for themselves and the remaining will be sent out as a token to the investors.

– Further the team has to announce how long the ICO will be open, and how long the amounts will be collected. The usual time period for this process is 30 days.

– Most of the ICO campaigns accepts only cryptocurrencies and to boost up the process some ICO will award bonus schemes for early investing.

– Initial Coin Offering will be closed when the maximum capital amount has reached, or if the time is up. In the end, the team has to issue the tokens which are represented as shares in the organization.

Is looking for business opportunity with ICO Campaign is successful as many startups and well developed organisations found this method successful ?

– It boosts the count of cryptocurrency investors (who are investing).
– Regulate the flow of new cryptocurrencies.
– Increase the need of ethereum (It is probably the third most important coin).

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