Is Siri a Chatbot?

Posted on November 17, 2018 at 07:09 AM

siri chatbot

The arrival of chatbots has opened up new opportunities for customer engagement and new ways of doing business in the form of conversational commerce. It is a very useful technology that a business can rely on, replacing the traditional business models. A Chatbot is basically a computer program that mimics human conversations in text or spoken language using artificial intelligence techniques like video and image processing, audio analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Natural language processing is a subfield on how to program computers to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data.


Siri in simple words is an intelligent assistant which enables Apple device users to command actions or queries from the device. Siri(or Siri chatbot) is a virtual assistant (provides support services virtually) which uses voice queries to answer questions, perform actions and make recommendations according to the user’s needs. The software is adaptable to users individual language usages, searches, and preferences, with continuing use. Users can speak — and receive audible replies from Siri — to place calls, messages set reminders and operate the Apple device in a much-advanced way.

Siri is a chatbot itself helping the users of iPhones to work/live better. These chatbots are emerging as the virtual assistant anyone could have.

Siri supports a vast range of user actions which includes performing phone actions, checking basic information, scheduling events, managing device settings, browsing the Internet, navigating areas, and to engage with apps. With the release of an updated version of IOS in 2016, Apple opened up limited third-party access to Siri, including third-party messaging apps, as well as payments, ride-sharing, and Internet calling apps. With the release of iOS 11, Apple has updated Siri’s tones and voice pattern to be better and human-like.

Apple’s first theory of a digital personal assistant was originally a concept in 1987, called the “Knowledge Navigator”. Apple was the beginning head to set a voice-controlled assistant on a phone and Siri chatbot has grown from being a simple interface to an iPhone’s limits to something considerably smarter, clever and faster. Siri has advanced the most in recent years, forming into a noteworthy digital helping hand that can deal with a wide range of activities on iOS gadgets, on the MAC and the latest Apple TV too.
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Some problems with Siri

Like any other software, system, Siri has had its own set of shortcomings and problems. Siri is more likely to understand you if a user speaks very precisely, and it has trouble understanding some accents. It has also been out that Siri understands well when talked with robot-like voice. Siri also has troubles with background noise and low-quality audio making it problematic to talk about it in a natural way.

Siri doesn’t understand all spelling variations. It’ll successfully match different names or just variants that haven’t been programmed into the app yet can cause headaches. Even in a safe space with clear, loud voice, Siri can still misinterpret the user’s commands in different ways, such as picking the wrong meaning or just mishearing and speaking back sentences that sound vaguely like that. Siri can in some ways act slowly at times. It can cause some frustrating conversations, but things usually improve with more use and the passing of time. Siri can search the web for the user on command but does not have the ability to search the app store. There is also one security issue with Siri, even if the phone is password protected, you can send messages through Siri without opening the phone.

Thus, Siri is far from the futuristic, artificial intelligent virtual assistant we all dreamt of, but we all need to remember that Siri is young and with years to come, Siri is being updated and developed to be more intelligent(Siri AI chatbot). And, Siri has so many uses and makes your plain iPhone more interactive and fun. Thus, chatbots or virtual assistants never go to waste.

Now, as it seems, Siri is fundamentally a chatbot but not in a strict sense as they have many similarities and dissimilarities in usage and development. They share the same roots but go different ways. Voice assistants are nothing but chatbots with a pretty voice. Chatbots and voice assistants both come under the same title of virtual assistants and are similar under areas of comparison such as adaptive intelligence and natural language processing (NLP). What distinguishes chatbots from Siri is their vastly different uses. Chatbots are created/hired by businesses to engage with potential customers/ users, while Siri is mostly designed for personal use.

Siri chatbot is like a personal aide to help you prepare your daily lists, fix a meeting on your calendar, play your music, make a phone call to your mother or answer your queries. Another thing that differentiates Siri from chatbots is that you can interact with them via speech—while going on with your daily life making it more interactive for the daily user.

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