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Posted on December 10, 2018 at 10:56 AM

lead generation chatbot

Lead Generation Chatbot is becoming popular every year. they are being accommodated with every other business for different purposes. Chatbots offer many benefits to a business. But what really is a chatbot?

lead generation chatbot

What is a Chatbot?

In simple terms, a chatbot is a software or a program developed to chat through a user platform. They can address queries of your customers in an instant.80% of users usually ask questions that can be answered by a bot. here, and chatbots come handy. They are modifying the way customer service takes place.

The rise of chatbots

Chatbots are the future of marketing. The growth of a company depends on marketing strategies. Our media has evolved with the change in user behavior. Earlier we used to have a newspaper, where brands would market in traditional ways. Then came radio, magazines. With the start of 21 st century internet changed the structure of marketing with display ads.then came social media and the rise of modern marketing. Now, messaging platforms have become more popular among people. Chatting platforms offer a new opportunity for a marketer.

With better tech developments, chatbots have stepped in, which have the ability to change the dynamics of marketing. chatbots, in particular, were developed with one focus in mind – customer service. They enhance customer satisfaction with 24×7 support n a digital format. But, other than being modern customer service, it has grown to be virtual assistants, managers, and, they are being generated for smarter lead gen. strategies. You have the chance to generate a high volume of leads in a short time.

Lead generation Chatbot

Finding leads is a very difficult yet a vital task. Capturing new clients for the future is the goal of every other business. without leads, you cannot scale your business to the next level. Some businesses lack lead generation tech because they are not changing their strategies as the user changes. Lead generation is vital for improving sales. Your business needs a broader audience between this stiff competition because it’s what keeps companies running. Your customers of tomorrow are the leads of today.

Thus, lead generation is an essential process of any growing business. Lead generation is significant because it puts you in touch with people who are or who may be interested in your products/services. Traditional marketing was very limited to the general audience .every goal of business is to generate sales and generating leads is the path towards bigger profits. Salespersons today are targeting their leads in the wrong manner. your customers are changing. Their behavior is changing. Hence your methods to capture leads should change too.

Why your business needs a lead generation chatbot?

In this digital era, all our spheres of life are changing. Industries are enhancing themselves as modernization keeps on changing. A lead generation chatbot will let you focus on other main responsibilities of a business rather than doing this particular task. The overall usage is increasing each year. By 2021, the chatbot market will reach 1.34 billion dollars clients. The industry has already started connecting their brand with chatbot opportunities it provides. Other than this lucrative opportunity, chatbots help their business by enhancing customer support and reduce costs by a significant amount. With AI being developed in full swing, they know the capabilities a lead generation chatbot have.

Chatbots have enabled one-to-one conversations and with the growth of AI and machine learning they provide better opportunities for lead generation. Other than lead gen, the fact that they offer better customer experience is something that makes chatbots more than any bot. Lead generation Chatbot changes the dynamics of marketing and results in better sales. Wherever your customers are, it is likely that they are chatting .so chatbots are going to be part of your marketing strategy soon if they aren’t already.

Lead generation chatbot is the best tool for initiating contact with a potential customer. They can engage your user with your brand in smarter ways. The developments in the IT industry make these bots capable of being incorporated with every other lead gen strategies. They also make the data intelligently managed by themselves.

Reasons behind the need of Lead Generation Chatbot

Messaging for Lead Generation

Your customers have shifted to messaging platforms. As of 2018, messaging platforms have become popular than other digital platforms. And the number one rule for marketing should be-be where your customers are. Hence, updating your lead generation strategies would be the perfect step. Text conversations seem convenient for users. This process consequently causes better leads than earlier methods.

lead generation chatbots

Traditional strategies for gathering leads does not work anymore. Your user has become smart and tech-savvy and is more prone to talk via the messaging platform rather than talking on the phone. Messaging platforms offers your business with loads of convenience, earlier sales rep, needed training and then worked to generate max leads. Now, these AI chatbots are already trained and work with your business. So, It is highly possible that these chatbots would be a part of your business strategies in the future.

Lead Generation Statistics

A recent survey conducted by Facebook conveys that customers are 50% more likely to buy from a brand after chatting, and it did not matter whether the person on the other end of the chat was man or machine. The main focus of lead generation is better sales conversion for the future. Reports show how chatbot lead gen techniques cause better sales. For example, Sephora chatbot encouraged better sales curve for their business. This means that they tend to generate lead more smartly.

Lead Generation Cost

Traditional strategies to generate leads costed more money. Now, lead generation chatbot cost considerably less than other marketing services. Earlier, businesses required labor and additional resources, but lead generation chatbot help with cutting costs. Reducing costs in a business is very valuable. In the end, lead generation chatbot, reduce cost by significant amounts. A human sales rep has a limit to handle leads. But, chatbots could be built according to your needs. This makes lead generation chatbot a suitable partner for a growing business. You don’t need to manage these bots, and you save your time as well to accommodate with your business model. A chatbot today goes a long way.

Lead Generation Time

Time is money! Lead generation chatbot saves the time of your brand by contacting prospective leads. They have the capabilities to handle masses in an instant. Earlier if you wanted to contact with 1000 of your customers, your sales representative would need a handful of days to complete this task. Now with an intelligent bot, the same job can be completed in an instant. This makes your brand more authentic because now customer service is uncomplicated and your brand is 24*7 available.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, chatbots are the new UI and apps soon will be dead though apps will not die eventually. But, there is a considerable possibility of a future where chatbots could work incoherence. Talking from a broader perspective, user engagement is the primary driver of lead generation. Thus, maximizing the chances of nurturing leads. The chatbot can upsurge your ROI by connecting it with your CRM platform. However, the chatbot must be rightly designed, coded and integrated with the business ecosystem to make your customers happy.

Chatbot, in the end, makes your purchase process faster. Chatbots today are supported by highly sophisticated algorithms and automation that allow them to be used in more personalized and context-relevant ways. modern selling is continuing to grow each year with new digital platforms chatbots focuses on providing a buying experience on the platform user most prefer. Hence their success is inevitable. Biggest brands and businesses now use chatbots to boost sales and improve customer support.

What to do for effective lead generation?


Your customers are the most vital part of lead generation. Earlier, salespersons were trained to communicate with leads interactively to capture sales. Similarly, lead generation chatbot is to be designed with an engaging interface. Engagement drives the path towards a useful lead. With an engaged communication system your users are most likely to give their contact details.


Answers given by lead gen chatbots should remain clear so that your user feels that no information is hidden. Real user experience is going to generate leads as information is most important for a user. The aim of your chatbot should be providing factual information.


It should be designed for all possible outcomes. It should be designed with features that could give them the opportunity to contact a real service representative. Keeping your user in boundaries is going to drive them away from your business. Automating conversation saves your users time giving them a better experience.

Who We are!

Relinns is a powerful digital company which offers solutions for businesses. we will help you guide along this path if you wish to join this digital market. Lead generation chatbot is for those who want to for a scalable future. We believe in your vision and build fantastic digital platforms.

What We Offer!

As a tech development company we are also specializes in chatbot development. Bot penguin is our ready to use, a bot, that can be used for all sorts of businesses. It generates leads and saves it in CRM, saving your time and effort to find needed contact information. The rates we offer for this type of bot is pretty genuine. BotPenguin can generate leads in a hassle-free way. We have already helped so many businesses grow with the help of this digital solution. We also develop custom chatbots according to business needs. Today enterprises can create interactive chatbots in a short amount of time with an expert team.

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