MobileAppDaily Recognizes Relinns Technologies Among The Top Mobile App Marketing Companies

Posted on November 2, 2019 at 05:48 AM

MobileAppDaily Recognizes Relinns Technologies Among The Top Mobile App Marketing Companies

We at Relinns have relentlessly expanded our capabilities to offer end-to-end solutions ranging from software development to digital marketing. While the core offering of our product suite has remained consistent, we’ve parallelly continued to refine our game development and chatbot service employing the most coveted talent resources.

Meanwhile, our portfolio has continued to grow & garner tremendous returns for our clientele, who’ve raised an aggregate of $16 million to date. With a near-perfect score in client satisfaction, we have the thought leaders of the industry take notice.

Among those feathers that added to our hat, we can now boast of our latest recognition coming from the doors of MobileAppDaily, the leading publication on mobile apps.

Our review by MobileAppDaily in their report Best Mobile App Developers in Chicago 2019, is monumental for us for one reason alone. Their uncompromising philosophy of authentic and data-driven industry analysis. Anyone from an avid enthusiast to a layman interested in knowing about the latest in technology would find MobileAppDaily’s content offering overwhelming.

Being an online publishing authority, their stories cover A-Z of the mobile app ecosystem. Yet, it is their reports which companies, like ourselves, vie to be featured in as they define prevalent service standards and the forces governing them.

We thank MobileAppDaily for this gesture and promise to uphold the standards that they thought us capable of setting.

It is this pursuit of excellence that has led us to become the de facto choice of customers looking for a reliable business partner.

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