New Trends in Google Algorithms and SEO

Posted on July 17, 2018 at 11:56 AM

New Trends in Google Algorithms and SEO

In this competitive era, everyone is trying hard to excel and expand their businesses and advertising serves the purpose to it. Digital marketing is the best approach to grasp than door-to-door marketing and organic platforms i.e. Search engines viz. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. are becoming the sole route for this. As Google is the premier search engine, so having knowledge about latest changes in algorithms and trends in SEO is crucial for the marketers and website developers to boost and publicize their organization. SEO updating is directly related to changes in Google’s algorithms. Optimization of websites helps in propelling the ranking of websites in Search engines result page (SERPs).

Current changes in Google algorithms and latest SEO updates 2017:

New AdWords Interface: Working with new technology generates new values and the New AdWords Interface Alpha is currently giving advertisers who have access to it, a standout featured platform to expand their business. The marketers having access can also switch between the old and new interfaces without any change in the data. Google says it will be accessible to everyone by the end of 2017.

 Features included are:

  1. Exclusive experience: Google’s new User Interface Alpha is compiled with enhanced look, novel, and unique features to enhance the marketing experiences of the users. The new data visualizations in the interface are very pleasing and also helpful in conserving the testing time. Thus, it’s gaining popularity and seeking the attention of more and more advertisers.
  1. Enhance Revenue generation:“Promotion Extensions” are available only in English and can be used to show or link to special offers and promotions on the ads. These are displayed in a comprehensible format and are spectacular. This helps in prevailing and promoting your offers and helps to generate more revenues for your business. These are free to add and you are charged only when viewers click on it on Cost Per Click (CPC) basis.
  1. Household income and Demographic Targeting: The Google has currently released a “Demographic targeting” feature in AdWords interface to search ads. This feature will help the marketers to target a specific group of potential customers as per your needs and will prevent others from viewing it. It will enable advertisers to report the people on demographic basis viz. of the same age, gender, parental status or household income rather than location targeting as in old interface. Demographic targeting has proven to be a game changer for many marketers to sell and advertise their products through digital platforms.
  1. Call Bid adjustments to increase interactions: Call bid adjustments is an exciting feature to interact with your customer often in mobile search ads. This feature has been added specifically for calls and is listed under “Interactions” in the New User interface (UI). If you want to show your ads to more customers in a campaign, you can increase your bid for searches, you can also decrease it by adjusting the bid to lower values. Percentages are used to set bids.

Strategies for digital marketing in 2017:For an efficient marketing an effective planned and budgeting strategy is necessary. Content marketing is what in demand in 2017. It is becoming a handy tool for the marketers to advertise their business and increase their traffic. It is the best route to rank up their website in SERPs. Content marketing helps marketers as it is intended to trigger the interest of customers in their products and services. So, the content written on the websites should be relevant and captivating and this is where SEO is required. SEO and Content marketing go hand in hand. For successful content marketing having SEO is a necessity.

Some people ignore this fact and consider SEO in the end but careful marketers observed it well and trying to culminate this confusion. They are considering the importance of “Keyword search” for making content. It also helps the marketers to interpret their target audience and the information they are searching for.

SEO must have to be considered as a “Key to a Lock” as it will help the marketers to boost their rankings and to engage more and more customers for their products and services.

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