5 reasons to get Chatbots for Business.

Posted on December 6, 2018 at 06:39 AM

chatbot for business

What is Chatbot

Chatbot in simple terms is a software or a programme designed to communicate with a user, naturally. Chatbot market is an emerging market which is growing with tech development. Nobody thought that chatbots could be the next technological opportunity. Its purpose has evolved from being a simple customer experience service to so many verticals. It has been estimated that the chatbot market will reach 3 billion USD dollars by 2021. Chatbot for business is the major sector where this market revolves. Personal chatbots like Alexa and Siri are also on the rise. their sales showcase the acceptance this technology is experiencing.

Chatbot Statistics

To embark on the figures, according to many reports, it was found that nearly 50% of customers prefer text communication. People have become comfortable with chatting on text platform rather than using a real conversation. Messaging platforms have become more famous than social media as of 2018. Millenials prefer to talk, and this opens doors for enterprises to shift their strategies too. According to a report by the business insider, 50 percent of your customers have a neutral perception about chatterbots, 40% have a positive perception. Thus, chatbots are here to stay.

Some reasons to invest in these chatbots for business

Chatbots are not just bots, but they work as advisors, managers, virtual assistants and helpers. With the developments in the IT industry, it has been found that we won’t be able to distinguish between a chatbot and a human representative by 2029. It has also been predicted that ai chatbots can become more famous than apps because the app store is flooded with apps and app fatigue is on the rise. As of 2018, only 20% of the internet uses chatbots, by 2022 it’s going to reach 93%!. A chatbot for business has become easy to use and are incorporated with a personality

chatbot statistics

Chatbots reduce business costs

Having a customer system incorporated means creating an independent service sector for your brand. It could be such a hassle and at the end of the day, labor costs money. Here, a chatbot for business could reduce costs by a significant percentage. Cutting costs in a business is such a stressful event. Chatbots solve both the problem of cost efficiency and customer services in a convenient way. Your chatterbots could help reduce costs by 30%! If you are burning too many resources in backend support, chatbots can be your way out. Reducing costs helps takes business takes them the next step of success.

Chatbots enhance business customer support

Other than so many advantages these chatterbots provide, the main benefit that could be considered is customer support. You have the opportunity to contribute to better help services when you are working with these ai chatbots. Traditional customer service is getting out of date. Someone, who already works with a chatbot for business purposes knows how they can give better customer satisfaction. In this modern world, every brand needs a support feature as users need help all the time. Setting up a customer support center isn’t feasible for everyone. Building a chatbot for business is the perfect solution!

Chatbots generate leads for business

Chatbot for business lead generation is the most important process. Lead generating chatbots can do wonders for a business. They can make a massive difference for planned growth. Your sales and statistics would tell the fact about how chatbots are accurate at generating leads accordingly. They work like a secret weapon. I mean building an app has become a common thing in the market. But, apps are not going to help you with this crucial step. AI and chatbot have become an interconnected term. chatbots have grown from being a simple conversational bot to an intelligent virtual assistant. This AI ability helps generate contact details for the future. They use data around the questions to move leads through the purchase funnel by creating scalable goal-oriented conversations. Chatbot app is primarily a service that can answer to thousands of people at once, with systematically keeping data while generating leads. Doesn’t it feel like the perfect fit for lead gen. technique? Because even customer service representative could not generate leads more efficiently than a chatbot for business.

Chatbots handle business marketing

Marketing processes is a vital and complex responsibility of a brand. Traditional marketing services are going out of practice. updated businesses are offering chatbots online for their users for better marketing strategies. They are helping market products in a smarter, subtle way. Displaying ads and running ad campaigns can be expensive when compared to your ai chatbot. They are bridging the gap between old-school marketing and customer engagement. a chatbot for business work with clever techniques as they express in better — trouble-free way. A call back from a marketing agent rarely turns out to be fruitful. For example, Sephora’s chatbot helped them with an increase in 11 % of sales with hassle-free marketing. An intelligent interaction leads to better growth curve for the coming future. chatbot for marketing

Chatbots are early business adopters

The adoption of a chatbot for business is a new tech trend, but a necessary one. Getting a chatterbot right now will keep you ahead with your competitors. faster the accommodation of this tech, faster the success chances. you have the opportunity to lure tech-savvy customers which makes them more loyal to your brand. It has already been predicted that the use of chatbots is going to increase tremendously. So, rather than waiting for all the brands to digitize their brand, early adopters can be successful right now.

Chatbot user interface and development

Chatbot development takes less complicated development processes, whereas apps require more time and money for development. Chatterbots even cost less and the maintenance cost for apps is comparatively high. You can get a lead gen. chatbot for a really low amount of money with considerably less time. Also, one main reason due to which chatbot for business usage is going to be inevitable is – user-interface. chatbots are more comfortable to use, hence give better results. They work around your customer to make their experience a suitable one. Apps at the same time require explanation and tutorials for understanding. chatbots are self-explanatory. Hence, they will give better solutions for your customers. A convenient user interface provides results.


While we all know how the rise of chatbots is taking place, one needs to remember its purpose before the development process. The customers in the market are evolving each year. Finding a solution that could satisfy them in stiff competition is a tough task. These talking robot could be the solution your growing brand needs. a customized, user-friendly solution is going to go a long way. Even, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in an interview conveyed that chatbots could revolutionize our future. Other than enhanced customer support, one needs to remember the cost it tends to save. If you are a business, be it big or small- a virtual assistant service is going to be a decision for a brighter tomorrow .soon enough, almost every company is going to adopt this technology trend. Hence, being an early bird can help you drive your brand towards huge success. The market is moving towards a digital future, so it is a decision for the business of today to decide if they want to be the business of tomorrow. Know More: how much does it cost to build a chatbot

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