Here is how our next generation is going to run their errands

Posted on December 4, 2018 at 10:47 AM

running errands

What is Running errands

Completing a small task in the daily routine like going for grocery shopping, picking up laundry etc is called the running errands.

Don’t you all hate running for errands every single week?

I know I do? Like going to the grocery shop, making food all by myself, picking up clothes from laundry etc, if the day would have been longer, I would have the opportunity to be more productive with my day. I could spend more time with my friends, read a book for once and maybe even go gardening and swimming.

How we run our errands?

Right now across the globe, running errands is pretty similar. That is we just take our car with our list of errands in our mind and embark on this boring journey. in developed countries like the USA, You may even be helped by mobile apps who offer convenient errands services. Running errands with the help of mobile phones has increased considerably with increased usage of smartphones.
running errands by phone
People Handling their by Smartphone in different years
since 2013, there has been an exponential growth of running errands through smartphones. If we talk about chores that’s another troubling task that nobody likes to do. Urban life means lesser time for exciting things. You don’t even get to know how your day got over as you travel in the metros and buses waiting to get home and just take a break. Running errands seems like a burden. We have started working 10 hours a day and sleeping 10 hours at night! We don’t have time for the things we like to do! Don’t you want to kill the monotony!

Not just any errands service to run

At the rate the developments in the tech industry are taking place, We all know running errands is not convenient for modern life. Though tech developments have reached certain levels that our life is easier than the past. Still, the tech of today cannot build a clone for you right now. It would certainly be a dream come true for your kids or grand-kids it is safe to say that the future is near. soon monotonous lives will be more convenient and exciting. Soon we are going to see humanoid clones running errands for our busy lives. we could then pause and be creative while our clones do all the lazy work for us. You can just make a list of errands and hand it out to your clone. Don’t you think this is gonna transform the way we live? Having a personal errand runner can be the next transformation you wish to see. The next generation is gonna enjoy the technology the way we are enjoying mobile phones, virtual assistants and digital products of today. You may feel that building a clone is just limited for errand services. but the opportunities are endless. Yes, running errands would be faster and easier but this robotic twin of yours will affect all the other industries too. They would be built for better workplaces, labor work, technical tasks etc. Don’t be scared that these robots are gonna take your kids job. According to reports, all this development process is gonna result in the creation of more jobs than losing jobs! Hence, they will only help in expanding our lives. Yes, you can say that your kids are in safe hands of this futuristic errands service!

Where do we stand right now in handling errands?

You all might have heard about Sophia, the robot. she is programmed with artificial intelligence and has some of the best technological possibilities till now. she is not capable of running errands for you but she has been incorporated with sensors, AI, a brain like a computer, artificial network and what not. For now, the technology is limited to only create products like Sophia. Other than robotic developments in full swing, We have been able to build chatbots with intelligent programs than ever. Ai chatbot are being built for better customer experience, and its uses are also gonna expand soon. Even right now there are some robots hitting the market, created to help you running errands but they are extremely expensive and robotic. They are not being built like the humanoid clone we wish to see that could replace our presence somewhere else.

Tech development to run our errands

This year has been a major year for technological development. Use of chatbots in customer service has become one of the leading trends of this year. In 2018 only, applications are gaining the ability to recognize natural speech of a user. Speech recognition has become a hot topic as big players like Amazon and Google are investing in them. Their sales tell about the exploding opportunities and how speech recognition is becoming a thing of the future. The rise of natural language processing and its integration into programs has been one of the most exciting developments taking place right now. Chatbots with rich AI capabilities are being built with innovative capabilities. Virtual assistants are becoming a part of normal life and technology is becoming futuristic every year. This poses a question of how artificial intelligence is gonna change the way we live soon. We are able to incorporate faster machine learning programs and wiser AI than the past.

Some mind –distracting facts

Grocery shopping takes an avg. of 40 minutes and multiplied by an approximate no. gives a total of 53 hours. It means right now we are wasting 53 hours in a year in just buying grocery. And here we aren’t talking about the time spent in traffic jams and commute. According to reports, it was found out that women spend more time on household activities than men i.e. 2 hr 25 min and men spend 1hr 25. Calculating all these numbers amounts to 1/12 of a year invested in running errands. All of this time is basically spent on these activities! Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to spend more time with our families with better tech facilities. errands fact

Who are these errand running clones really? and how should we run errands in the future?

They are nothing but really intelligent chatbots with a face which has so many futuristic abilities. Already machine learning and artificial intelligence are at initial stages but it won’t be late that your look-alike could mark your presence through a lame party that you should be at! let’s say you want to go shopping but you are sick! no problem. running errands like shopping is no problem. You can travel virtually to places where you can’t be available. In past, we never thought that our communication systems, our daily life would be changed in such a way. all of this transformation has been solely dependent on the tech development made in the last 50 years. 50 years is a short period of time! and in a short period of time, technology is going to change the lives of our kids. With dedicated developers, we may see the rise of this innovation in the coming years. Don’t feel jealous already, you will also be able to experience this transformation but its just that we people would be old, busy with our own life.
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