Save your Android device from the invisible Man Attack

Posted on July 27, 2018 at 06:44 AM

Save your Android device from the invisible Man Attack
Android malware Invisible man is gaining fraudulent access to users banking credentials and financial details. It is an upgraded version of  Svpeng malware that disrupted the androids rights in 2013.Kaspersky Labs spotted that this Trojan is swindling users, falsifying as a flash player update. Once installed as a .apk file, this malicious malware starts recording keystrokes, checks androids language settings and impart itself an administrator’s right to navigate your device. It acquires an access to other apps and thus, steal all the login details and passwords of the user’s bank account as well as other apps like PayPal, Speedway, as a key-logger.  make their balance nil and rendering users to touch the ground. Moreover, when attack, it seeks authorization to send or receive your SMS, calls and have access to your contacts too. This menacing malware is procuring access even in fully updated Android smartphones. It not only supports Android standard keyboard but also some third-party keyboards and take screenshots as one touches the keyboard and upload it to some malignant servers. Till now it has attacked many countries including Singapore, UK, Australia, Germany, Turkey, Poland and others. Want to evade “The Invisible Man”, here are some tips to follow:
    • Set Russian as your default language as Russian hackers don’t want to harm their own country. Once, Svpeng recognizes the language, it gets uninstalled from the device.
    • Never install any apps from unauthorized parties.
    • Don’t open suspicious files or programs.
    • Install Anti-Virus software on your devices.
  • Always keep your devices updated.

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