Social Media Practices That are actually Myths

Posted on July 31, 2018 at 04:16 AM

Social Media Practices That are actually Myths
Nowadays there are various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus and much more which are actually used for plenty of purposes. But the problem is that there is some horrible, outdated and often simply wrong advice that is still floating around. There are some ft the common myths about online marketing and social media marketing that you should better ignore while doing social media activities. – Post once a day or once a week: Many people today are so afraid to post regular posts, they think that they kill all chances of social media success long before they really got going. Most of the people do not post much on Social Media, Whether on facebook, twitter, Reddit, Pinterest or google plus regular postings is must in order to improve their rankings, traffic, and audience. – If you post own content, you are a spammer: Posting on social media is about providing value. If you have enough content and thought to be posted, feel free to share it, even if it is your own content. – Never Automate: Once you understand what you are doing on social media, automation will be a game changer and the key to unlocking social media marketing success. – Posting too often: Posting too often is not considered as spamming. If you have plenty of fresh content and new thoughts, feel free to post which will help to generate traffic and audiences on your website. – You should not talk about your business: Many people are afraid to talk about their business on social media. They fear to be more promotional. But sharing more about your business is good to attract more audience. It is also an important part of marketing. – Posting great content is enough to gather audience: It is very important to know that posting more and more fresh content is really great to gather many audiences. Its the biggest myth that many are not focussing on their content posting. There are lots and lots of more myths that are floating around and misleading some of the more inexperienced bloggers, marketers, businesses and various other individuals.

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