What if I want to drop out of the internship program?

Relinns is looking for only candidates who are looking for learning opportunities and are serious about their industrial training. Hence, if any candidate could not complete internship because of any reason, he/she will not be eligible for a completion certificate and will have to pay Relinns INR 7,000 per month for the time spent till the date of leaving. This will be in order to cover the cost of training.

What are the work timings at Relinns?

There are no rigid timings that are followed at our offices, however every employee is expected to complete 9 full working hours in a day in accordance with the company policies.

Will there be any probation period?

Yes, there is a probation period of 30 days, during which the company can let the candidate go without any prior notice or giving any reason. This is generally the case when the company feels that the candidate will be better fit elsewhere.

In which case I will be requested to leave Relinns?

In case of any misconduct, failure to comply with company policies, consistent poor performance, Relinns has complete authority to discard your candidature for a role that you were offered based on the above decision points.

What if I do not receive a confirmation call for the job?

Relinns does not reject candidates, we believe that a healthy culture can only be achieved when similar personalities collaborate to work in a given direction. Keeping in line with this philosophy, it is possible that our work culture is not the right mould for a candidate or vice versa, hence we feel that the best solution is for the candidate to look for opportunities that can meet their expectations and where they will be able to fit and contribute meaningfully. In such a case we encourage the candidate to find a better fit for his/her personality and talent.

Do I need to deposit my certificates, or sign any bond before joining?

No, candidates are not expected to sign any bond as we believe in giving complete freedom regarding a candidate’s career choices, however we expect the candidate to serve a notice period as mentioned in his/her offer letter to minimise the impact of a sudden withdrawal on the company’s operations. The candidate is expected to submit his original certificates for a period of 3 months with the company to let us complete a thorough background check in that time period.