Which is the best UI/UX designing internship in Chandigarh?

Posted on December 10, 2022 at 12:23 PM

Which is the best UI-UX designing internship in Chandigarh

According to statistics, 94% of first impressions are influenced by design. It clearly  demonstrates why the digital user experience is booming in industries nationwide.

Several industries are looking to hire a UI/UX designer to make their products and services look appealing and easier to use. With an increase in demand and salary, many freshers are gravitating toward the world of UI/UX. The average UI/UX Designer salary in India is 5.3 lakhs per year, with salaries ranging from 2.1 lakhs to 15.0 lakhs. 

If you are looking for a UI/UX designer internship or job in Chandigarh or Mohali, it is time to breathe a sigh of relief. Read the blog and see which UI/UX internship opportunity is the best in Chandigarh or Mohali!

The best UI/UX designer internship in Chandigarh! 

Interns and employees love to work at a place that is an amalgamation of creativity, fun, integrity, resilience, technology, learning, and innovation. And guess what? Relinns technologies is precisely like this. 

People adore interning at Relinns Technologies because it fosters the development of the best professionals. The software development firm that best satisfies the criteria above is Relinns Technologies.

However, do you ever wonder why Relinns Technologies qualifies as the best UI/UX designer internship?

Relinns Technologies is committed to giving its clients the best technological options possible by working hard and skillfully. Along with serving its clients and customers, the company strives to be the best mentors for its interns.

These qualities of Relinns have allowed it to have many satisfied and happy clients around the world!

The company constantly keeps up with technological developments because its desire to learn drives the company. 

Relins Technologies also combines effectiveness, creativity, and reliability to craft incredible applications for the iOS and Android platforms.

Relinns Technologies: What does it do?

Relinns Technologies What does it do

Relinns Technologies provides web development and in-game development services with a strong focus on design.

Relinns Technologies provides services outside of just app development. These include: 

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Chatbots
  3. Design and discovery

Let us examine how it differs from the competition right now.

How will you grow as a UI/UX designer by working at Relinns Technologies?

How will you grow as a UI-UX designer by working at Relinns Technologies

Interning as a UI/UX designer at Relinns Technologies will help you learn the following: 

  1. To investigate the requirements for our collection of digital assets’ user experience design.
  2. To create and envision a thorough UI/UX design strategy for the brand.
  3. Use wireframes, visual and graphic designs, flow diagrams, storyboards, site maps, and prototypes to create high-quality UX design solutions.
  4. Create UI components and tools for our digital assets, such as tabs, widgets, search boxes, and navigation menus.
  5. To test user interface elements for landing pages, such as CTAs, banners, page designs, page flows, and target links.
  6. To create and deliver custom digital user experiences with the marketing team, internal designers, and external designers.
  7. To offer suggestions and direction on testing and UX research methodologies to study and forecast user behavior.
  8. To follow typographic and graphic design conventions.

Why is Relinns Technologies the best option for UI/UX designer internships?

Why is Relinns Technologies the best option for UI-UX designer internships

Relinns Technologies has experts who are comfortable with using advanced technological tools. Also, its work ethics motivate it to keep working smart and hard to achieve its goals.

Here are a few reasons for selecting Relinns Technolgies as your Chandigarh UI/UX designer internship mentor:

1. Tremendous career growth

Receiving praise increases one’s confidence, which encourages exploration without reservation. We are well aware of it.

As a result, employees and interns need not wait for their efforts to be acknowledged.

Your suggestions for the elements of strategy and execution are always welcome at Relinns Technologies.

2. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance

Relinns Technologies is an incredible software development company that realizes the value of preserving a healthy work-life balance.

Thus, Relinns goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that its staff has an outstanding work-life balance.

3. Professional mentors

Relinns Technologies gives its staff members and interns a chance to learn from and get mentorship from highly knowledgeable and helpful experts.

This reason qualifies Relinns as one of the best places for a UI/UX internship in Chandigarh!

4. Vibrant workplace culture

The organization’s young, energetic team designs fun events to promote interaction and improved teamwork.

5. Open-door management

The company has set up weekly get-togethers and meetings to let staff members and interns express their ideas and address any issues they might be having.

How can your UI/UX designer internship at Relinns Technologies impact your personal growth?

You will notice the following changes in yourself after working as a UI/UX designer intern at Relinns Technologies:

1. Ownership and accountability

You will begin to take great pride in your efforts and yearn to be known for your accomplishments.

2. Integrity

You will learn to endure adversity and come out more vital than ever. Fervor will fuel your motivation.

3. Collaboration

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. We are all like water drops, and only when we come together to collaborate do we produce the best result. 

Hence, working as a UI/UX designer intern at Relinns Technologies will infuse you with team spirit.

4. Excellence

Do you know what delights a professional the most? The excellent output of their grit and sweat fills them with the utmost satisfaction!

You will feel this satisfaction at Relinns Technologies because it is where excellence abounds.

5. Taking the Lead

Working with Relinns Technologies makes an intern open to taking the lead. Yes, you read it correctly. Relinns Technologies’ interns and employees readily take the initiative and successfully solve problems that knock at their door.

Such an approach leads a professional to many opportunities for career advancement.

All of these provide compelling reasons why selecting Relinns Technologies for a UI/UX designer internship is the best choice you will ever make.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Relinns Technologies for the best UI/UX designer internship in Chandigarh or Mohali!


If you put forth enough effort, incorporate hard skills, and exhibit the required soft skills, you can secure the internship of your dreams.

Furthermore, your hard and soft skills can only be fruitful when you indulge in networking and try to get noticed by companies.

Therefore, it would be best to speak with hiring managers at job fairs and related events.

As a result, keep an eye out on job portals for internship openings and find out which companies will visit your university to conduct on-campus recruiting!

It would help if you also took advantage of any opportunities, including this one. 

Relinns Technologies is a software development company that understands the value of professional development. It helps its interns and employees reach their full potential by supporting them whenever they need our help.

Kindly visit Relinns Technologies to learn more about its UI/UX internship and get a chance to work with us!

What is holding you back? Hit the link above, soar high, and learn from the best!

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