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Clippz is a social media app that brings something new to this sector. Through this app, you will be connected with your friends through this digital interface. It helps you build a community and influence masses.

Key Features


Business Requirement


Social media apps have been famous among masses because it offers the audience to convey their stories, messages, and experiences. This app adds a fresh concept of monetizing personal posts. This innovative concept sets clippz apart from other social media platforms because now you have the ability to filter the view of your pictures with a transaction system.



Clippz is a visual solution for social media interactions. We have built an app that focuses on it users and helps them share their stories with more convenience. Building a revenue system for the users themselves means providing something beneficial and promising.



Available for IOS, the application is user friendly with easy access. Authentic Drilling is build with local storage and offline syncing, which means user can access this app, without internet connectivity. Technologies used to accomplish this project is Swift 4.2, Xcode and Java.

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