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We pride ourselves to be a part of this unique app Grump Now that has already been in news for its accomplishments. It offers a platform for the public to raise their voices regarding public transport services. Grump Now wishes to enhance the public transportation sector by channelizing useful complaints for an efficient system in the future.

Key Features


Business Requirement


Public transportation has always lacked the ability to get better with times. And we have also stopped conveying our complaints with the authorities. Through this app, commuters can offer insights into their journeys which helps build a smarter community.



It has made venting out frustrations easier than ever. Grump Now gives a voice to thousands of passengers and enhances the community to stay updated about the transport sector. It is empowering the public and helping the concerned authorities to improve their actions for the future.



This application is build in iOS and Android both platforms.The application is build in Android SDK, XCode, PHP Core, Android Studio, Objective C and Java core. Zubda has used many audio tools like Android Media,IOS directories to make it working.

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