HR Interview Round

HR Interview Round 1

Answer the following question:

Assume you are working as HR Manager at Relinns Technologies and in your monthly resource planning meeting it was decided that you have to hire One Java Developer with 4 years of experience. You quickly prepared a Job description after discussion with the technical and project management team. You posted a job opening on, and other similar job portals to collect resumes of highly qualified individuals. As demand for such a job position is usually high, you got 100 resumes in total from all the job portals ?

Since you are an experienced HR Manager you used your experience and expertise to screen resumes based on Job Description and you shortlisted 80 resumes out of 100 ?

As Relinns hiring policies you have to conduct three rounds of interview – Logical Interview, Technical Interview and HR Interview. You have all the resources available at your disposal to conduct all of these rounds. After conducting Logical and Technical Interview rounds you got 20 candidates who could qualify to the final list of candidates ?

Since you are the final decision maker to hire a candidate for the open job position, you have to choose ONE candidate from 20 shortlisted ones. NOW, you will have to conduct an HR interview of these 20 candidates and it will be of interest to know on what criteria you will choose the final candidate and what questions you will ask during the interview. Please write your answer in the space given below ?

Following are the assumptions and rules for your assignment:
1. It can be assumed that 20 shortlisted candidates have the same salary, experience, location preference and notice period.
2. It can also be assumed that you have access to all the tools, infrastructure to conduct your HR interviews in order to validate your decision.
3. Since Logical and technical rounds have already been conducted you can not conduct those rounds again and you can conduct ONLY HR rounds.

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