Case Study

Project Overview

Cleany is a laundry service app which revolves around the convenience of a user. The app addresses laundry tasks for users in an innovative way. You can now make a booking for a driver who takes your clothes to be cleaned. after ward, cleaned clothes are delivered according to your scheduled time slot.

Key Features

Business Requirement

Our client was passionate about designing an app that could be the UBER for laundry. Hence, the app is built with an easy interface and secure login and multiple payment features. Cleany knows the value of your time. It provides services according to your budget and requirement. There are only two platforms for the app i.e. driver and you.


Cleany provides one-click laundry services with an on-time delivery system. Our team developed cleany with the dedication to fulfil the needs of so many. Through this app, now laundry is a hassle-free job, convenient and fast.



We developed a mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms. iOS app was developed inSwift and Android was developed in Java. The backend panel was coded in node.js and jquery..

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