Case Study

Project Overview


Our client came to us with a unique vision for creating an app that the lets the user buy all sorts of products from tables to sofas and, booking services for restaurants. Skop has been incorporated with these features with a user-friendly interface. Skop was built with our expertise keeping in mind what a user requires from an e-commerce and reservation app.

Key Features


Business Requirement


Our client wanted us to create something between mainstream e-commerce shopping and traditional shopping in a digital way. Other e-commerce apps are usually run by brands but skop is open for all business and users. The client wanted to include something that could be a unique feature for an e-commerce app. We were required to create an app that could change the way people buy products.



We created an app that removes all the delivery related fuss so that the user could collect the product according to their schedule and their location. Skop caters to user’s valuable time and hence is designed in a an innovative way. We helped provide a platform that makes e-commerce suitable for a user’s needs or even transform the way we buy things.



The client comes to relinns with an idea of offering an application that can give benefit to both vendorsand users. Sada app concept as discussed in detail.

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