Latest Trends coming in Chatting Applications

Posted on July 17, 2018 at 10:21 AM

latest trends

In this ever-growing technology market, adding new features to mobile app development is essential for all service provider. Many of the companies are investing millions for grabbing the attention of the end users to sell their services.

 Looking forward to not get ruined off because of new mobile applications in market WhatsApp is planning to launch a new feature to its iPhone and Android app. This is again a big challenge for mobile app development companies to get its featured for WhatsApp.

What is the new feature they are planning?

WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook is planning to add a new feature of Group Calling which provides users a conference calling facility. This feature will be launched on both iPhone and Android application.

This brings a big challenge for their development team to make it work as proficiently as strategically planned. For Android app development companies and iPhone app development companies adding group calling feature like WhatsApp will open new doors for extensive growth in the market.

Android app development companies can launch numerical applications in play store which can share the same feature. Application with chat and call merge is the major demand for all kind of businesses expanding in this era. IPhone app development companies need to advance the Apply store with more applications supporting unique features like group calling, group videos, and group chatting and even sharing files like music/audio recording folders.


The pace of which every small or large Mobile app development company is growing in terms of new technologies coming into the market or the new research is tremendous. The business requirement is changing for all kind of service providers across the globe that leads to big challenges to new IT budding firms.

A group calling feature is on high chit-chat these days in all mobile app development companies but the challenge is to make it function smoothly and provide user satisfactory results. WhatsApp team is working on this project and launch it as soon as it’s done expecting the positive response from the users.

Why do you think this feature is useful?


WhatsApp is no longer being used for personal conversation, its way beyond. Today WhatsApp is the easiest and the best way to connect client or business partner for expanding a business. Adding group calling feature which facilitated conference calls is what all needed.

This helps official conversations easy and effective by tuning with a conference call.This can be a new trend for Mobile app development companies as all new clients will be demanding same for their local or global businesses.

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