Case Study


Authentic Drilling is motivated to make your job easier. The app provides technical data to help you plan your job or pick the best type of drill in the fleet to meet the specific requirements for that job.


Key Features

Tracks the time for the all the drilling jobs i.e. Drill, Hole completion, Grouting etc. Provide the offline syncing of the report/project for the drill project.


Business Requirement


Authentic Drilling focuses on the employees of the drilling companies to report their daily working on the app itself. Now instead of maintaining the excel sheets or offline sheets , businesses can maintain the reports online.



Authentic Drilling provides flexibilty to the employees by giving them the option to fill their reports offline and sync when connected to internet which helps them to even use this app in remote locations. This application has the admin dashboard for the vendor too.



Available for IOS, the application is user friendly with easy access. Authentic Drilling is build with local storage and offline syncing, which means user can access this app, without internet connectivity. Technologies used to accomplish this project is Swift 4.2, Xcode and Java.

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