Mobile Application – Trends affecting Mobile Technology

Posted on July 17, 2018 at 11:07 AM

Mobile Application - Trends affecting Mobile Technology

Smartphones today have become the most important part of our lives- that early morning alarm, listening music, watching movies, surfing internet, searching number of important things on internet, reading news, updating status etc are necessary to make things going. More than 2 billion people are using their smartphone to communicate and in coming future also the use of smart phone and mobile apps will not be reduced.

Today smartphone makers are in big trouble in the sense that consumers are asking out of the box for smartphone specifications, in regard many big companies have seen big dropping in their sales for smartphones. Use of smartphone have completely changed as they are now more in use than computers and laptops. Smartphone has created a path through which its usage and durability has changed the way customers are moving more towards smartphones. The use of digital versions of newspapers and magazines that are more compatible with smartphones versions that is raised more in current scenario.

With the recent changes in technology and consistent change in user demand, AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) is chosen as the best and most reliable tool which enriches the apps in every aspect. Now, Artificial intelligence refers to the machine or computer, that is able to solve the problem or task which is done by human being using natural intelligence. If we are talking in terms of mobile applications, AI provides a high-level assistance to the users and is used by the companies in their app to deeply engage and ultimately retain their existing user.

A large combination of mobile app and Artificial Intelligence will change the face of technology in coming future. The increasing use of AI in mobile app development have proven how essential it is for business growth and user engagement.

Siri from Apple, Google assistance, Cortana from Microsoft. All these applications allow to speak directly and get engage to get quick response.

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