Case Study

Project Overview


This app takes the fans and gives them the power to be more engaged with their favorite team. The app is designed with technological capabilities that the cityzen batch lights up whenever there is an update. This app works as a great platform for the team to be connected with their followers at all times.

Key Features


Business Requirement


Manchester City had a vision to build a programme for their dedicated fan following. It is designedby our developers in innovative ways that the users feel engaged to everything that revolves around their beloved team. Our app tries taking fan following to the next level.



We pride to build apps that offer something new and brings value to the client. Being a Manchester city fan ourselves, we designed the mobile app to be the ideal app for the whole community. Being a user of the app is a new way to experience Manchester City. Having the opportunity to build something for such an iconic team was a dream come true!



Available for Android and iOS, the application is user friendly with easy access. Indian Groceries is build with Auto-Layout feature which means user will get unwavering view in all Appleand Android devices. It incorporates an integrated payment system which helps the user take benefit of Cash Free system.

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