Content marketing Trends Dominating 2018

Posted on July 17, 2018 at 12:47 PM

Content marketing Trends Dominating 2018

There are two most important things that we can say are certain in 2018: Content marketing will become even more important and Content creation and Distribution will change radically.

Remarketing generally allows you to position your ads in front of audiences that have previously visited your website.

The most important content marketing trend will be that remarketing Will be the engine of Lead Generation: The total ad spending on display and search is almost same as in 2014. But in 2019 display ad spending will be around 28% higher than search. The reason is quite simple that is remarketing. Secondly, The conversion rate will automatically increase as more customers see the ad. The conversion rate will increase with more ad impressions or in other words, we can say that conversion rate will be more as a number of times a user has seen an ad.

Next important content marketing trend is personalized content experiences: one to one marketing is the key to delivering high customer experiences. Suppose in a website you are visiting a landing page and entering an email for any subscription, when next time you visit the same website, you will be treated with your name.

Next important trend is brands will create more niche content: It does not matter which industry you are in and what kind of brand you are promoting, the main concern is that content creation, you have to create a content different from others to thrive yourself ahead from others in 2018. In 2018 more and more marketers will be fighting for the same audience, but to stay ahead of others and to stay up in competition, you have to show urself with something different than your audience will make you rise.

Next important trend is that there will be more increase in content size and length: In Blogs posting and articles posting as seen in 2014 maximum word length was around 850 words but now in 2018 word length has increased to 1600. This will reflect good and will give huge output as can be viewed and can be ranked better in SERP'S of Google.

With the various content marketing trend that will affect 2018, marketers and businesses will increasingly turn to remarketing to reach their audiences, especially in B2B which will also, in turn, generate huge profit and side by side audience interaction will increase.



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