How to find a junior android developer job?

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To get a job as an android developer in a company is no piece of the ever-changing rule of the world. A junior android developer must be skilled enough to solve new problems daily. Companies love the candidates having exceptional problem-solving skills. Sometimes companies hire junior android developers with basic skills and mold them into the type of employees they want.

First, create a great plan, but before that, you must decide the target for your future planning. Suppose we have a target to get a job as a junior android developer; the sooner you get the first job, the sooner you get the opportunity of practicing the code daily. Additionally, you get the support of the senior developers and a bonus of getting paid. There are many ways to get a job as an android developer, from in business companies’ apps to the developer in game development. 

The candidate should be passionate about building mobile apps and interested in learning new technologies. The candidate should be clear about the responsibilities of the android developer. What are the technical and non-technical skills the android developer should have? There are more than 3k apps that are uploaded to the google play store daily. After looking at this data, we can get an idea about the scope of the future employability of android developers.

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In 2022, the demand for android developers will grow for smartphones working on the Android operating system. Most companies want college graduates developers, but if any candidate does not have a college degree, they must possess the required skillset. 

The candidate should preferably create an app and publish it on the google play store. Employers are interested in checking the work of the developers before hiring them. A simple app published on the google play store demonstrates a baseline knowledge about the entire life development cycle.

What are the skills the android developer needs to succeed? How to become a good android developer? How to find a job as a junior android developer that pays well?

Responsibilities of a junior android developer 

There are many responsibilities of an android developer in a company. But as a junior android developer, few can be known to get a job.

Building app functionality and UI

The junior android developers must create the app’s design and build its functionality. The responsibilities include writing codes, making a well-thought architecture, and removing the bugs. 

Engaging with other team members

Junior android developers need to build and maintain effective communication with other members of the team, like UI/UX designers, backend developers, etc. Effective communication helps build the team resulting in effective teamwork.

Working on the databases and APIs

The prime responsibility of the android developer is to work on external sources such as various APIs and databases. The junior developer should be skilled in dealing with third-party code written by the other android developers.

Performing unit testing

Unit testing is also known as module testing. It is often an integral part of the android developer cycle. It includes the Agile software development methodology, which is used widely. The company has to test its app throughout the development process.

Fixing the bugs

The work of fixing the bugs has come under the territory of Android app development. A junior android developer should have basic knowledge of finding the bugs as well as setting them bugs.

Skills required to be a Junior Android Developer

To find a job as a junior android developer, the candidate must have technical and non-technical skills.

Junior android developers should be familiar with Java. Many different technologies and programming languages are used in android app development. Junior android developers should know the syntax and programming structures of the Java programming language. Junior developers should know a few things like variables, lists, loops, and object-oriented concepts like class vs. static methods and inheritance. Junior developers should also be comfortable using new Java SDK parts.

Android SDK and working with APIs

Junior android developers should be familiar with android documentation resources like Treehouse to get started with the new part of SDK. Junior android developers should be competent with using an IDE debugger to help troubleshoot code bugs. Few companies expect the junior android developer to work on the API or some other 3rd part of the API. The junior android developer should be focusing on JSON/REST and only learning XML/SOAP.

Git and Backend skills

This skill is not compulsory for every junior android developer. But some work is used in the version control system. There is no need to be an expert in managing various merge conflicts. But the junior developer should understand the basics of creating and using a repository and committing and pushing changes. Junior android developers need to contribute to the backend of their system. There is no need to dive deep into knowing the backend technologies. The junior android developer should know how to modify existing backend APIs and work on changes.

Decent experience in SQL

Almost every android app has to store data in some form. Data can be from users or apps. The app should integrate with a database so the developer can manage the data. And that is why employers are looking for an android developer with SQL experience. It is essential to master database management skills to increase the chances of getting a job.

XML basics

The Extensive Markup language is used in the development of web solutions. It is an essential technology for android app development. XML is used to access web data. Many android apps require the transfer of data to web services. Other than XML, junior android app developers should know the material design language guidelines covering the essential elements in apps. To get approved and published in the google play store, such guidelines should be known to the android developer.  

How to find a job as a junior android developer?

Few websites like,, jobs Github,, etc., are viral for finding a job as a junior android developer.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to get a full-time position. The junior android developer may look for a website like Upwork, which provides internships or part-time, where the junior android developer can gain experience. You can bid on small projects to gain valuable experience and build a portfolio


The most important skill you can improve to find a job faster is interviewing. The interviewer gets an idea about the candidate’s business knowledge by asking relevant questions. And so, to get a job as a junior android developer, the candidate should have deep knowledge and understanding of the field. The candidate should understand the user’s needs and how to reach the target audience, which translates to more useful apps and higher profits. For more information visit the website Relinns.

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