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In this digital era, every business is in the race to establish an online presence. It is justified as most people today prefer to look for things online. That is why companies are now investing in app development, due to which developers are in high demand.

Web and app development is not an easy task. It requires the assistance of highly professional and dedicated developers. And for a company looking to establish an online presence, hiring a front-end developer is vital. They can influence how consumers perceive the brand based on their coding, UX sensibility, and ability to collaborate with the tech and design teams.

One of the most popular client-side programming technologies is React, a JavaScript library. ReactJS is used by more than 42.62% of developers. As a result, recruiters are looking for the best React JS developer with expertise and efficiency.

As the demand is huge, so is the availability. Knowing how to screen top React JS developer skills is thus critical to finding the right one. Read on to discover!

ReactJs developers: Roles and responsibilities

ReactJS developers are front-end developers who create modern UI components to improve the performance of applications. They use their knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to create a robust and effective application in collaboration with testers, designers, web designers, and project managers.

Before discussing the react developers’ skills, let’s first look at their roles and responsibilities as it is what the skills required are based on.


  • Use the built-in React toolkit to create front-end features.
  • For prospects, create data visualization tools, libraries, and reusable code.
  • Integrating design and wireframes into the application code.
  • Monitoring users’ interactions and converting them into useful information.
  • Make use of JavaScript to create application interface code.
  • Improve application performance by constant monitoring.
  • Convert wireframes and designs into high-quality code.
  • Optimize components so that they work seamlessly across browsers and devices.
  • Authentication of user information.
  • Create a responsive web-based user interface.


  • Constant interaction with other developer teams and the design team to discuss user interface ideas.
  • A thorough examination of the application’s requirements and interfacing elements.
  • For changes to the application and future updates, follow the proper documentation.

Must-have skills for ReactJS developers

Now that we know what all Reactjs Developers are expected to do let’s move to the next step of this guide. Skills are monumental. Hiring reactjs developers with relevant experience, knowledge, and the required skills is essential. Your ideal reactjs developer for hire should be equipped with the hard and soft skills the industry demands. Here are the skills you should look for to hire a reactjs developer.

Hard Skills:

These are the technical skills all reactjs programmers must have to commence the development process efficiently. Here is a list


React JS is a framework for front-end development. The app interface is captivating to attract users and entice them to interact with it. Regardless of the type of business or app being built, every ReactJS developer must be proficient in HTML and CSS.

The understanding of HTML and CSS should be a little beyond the basics. Every front-end developer understands HTML and CSS, can work on user interfaces, and create excellent web applications for enterprise-level organizations. Only some developers can work with CSS selectors or semantic HTML tags, and understanding border-box and flexbox is a plus.


JSX, like HTML, is an extension of the ReactJS environment and a fascinating part of React.

Most of the interaction is done through JSX.

In a nutshell, JSX is the abstraction layer for React.createElement() API. What makes JSX so important in development is that it enables developers to create applications using the aforementioned API, which would otherwise be a time-consuming task. It is built on top of React.createElement() API.


Every developer should be acquainted with the Git toolkit. It allows them to add or update projects on various coding communities like GitHub, Gitlab, and BitBucket. Some common tasks include merging strategies, handling conflicts, and interrogating changes using push and pull. The developer must be familiar with these platforms to carry out tasks, which include:

  • Using a comment to keep track of changes.
  • Strategies for merging and branching.
  • Managing merge disagreements.


Redux, React’s state management library, is another essential feature or skill every developer must have. Previously, developers struggled with the asynchronous nature of React updates. React came up with a hot-button feature called redux to help with this.

It is more akin to immutability and functional programming principles. However, don’t think of it as a one-size-fits-all solution. The state determines the applicability of the same, so your developer must excel in it.


Finally, the node’s knowledge. You may find this a little hazy, but trust us when we say that a developer with a good understanding of nodes can effectively demonstrate the client’s development needs. There are specific packages in the node library that can be extended to the react library; thus, understanding the former adds to the development process.

Soft Skills:

These are the non-technical skills that not just a reactjs programmer but every candidate a company hires should have. Here is a list

Communication Skills

The app development process necessitates constant communication, whether within the team or with external stakeholders. In such cases, the ReactJS developer would frequently interact with a diverse group of people with varying technical and non-technical backgrounds.

As a result, the developer must have excellent communication skills in order to engage everyone involved in the development process, understand project requirements, convey them to team members, share progress updates, and so on.

Team Player

ReactJS developers are not lone wolves in the wilderness. Even the most self-sufficient React full-stack developers would have to collaborate with other team members, such as the product owner, tester, designer, etc. As a result, they must project a persona that allows them to connect with others and contribute to the team. After all, if they can’t work in a team, all of their technical skills and knowledge are useless.

Cost to hire reactjs developers

We are certain you want to know the salary structure of reactjs developers equipped with the skills we discussed. There are several factors on which the hiring expenses would depend. These are:

  1. Location
  2. Experience
  3. Level of job (senior-level, mid-level, entry-level)
  4. Skills and knowledge
  5. Training and certification

Different geographical locations offer different salary figures based on the above parameters. Here are the approximate figures provided by various sources of information, which may change depending on global conditions:

The average ReactJS Developer salary in the USA is $120,043 per year or $61.56 per hour. Entry-level salaries begin at $82,500 per year, with the most experienced workers earning up to $157,500 per year. Other countries have different figures, including:

  1. United Kingdom – $70,903
  2. Australia – $73,497
  3. Ukraine – $21,600
  4. India – $11,804
  5. Philippines – $8,569.08
  6. Spain – $68,216
  7. Germany – $53,864
  8. Canada – $120,00


ReactJS developers will undoubtedly have a bright future because ReactJS shows no signs of slowing down. ReactJS developers are paid well and in high demand compared to their peers.

If you follow the above guidelines when evaluating React JS developer skills, you will undoubtedly come across a hidden gem. To summarize, you need someone familiar with HTML, CSS, JSX, Git, Node + npm, and Redux. You would want them to excel at communication, problem-solving, and working in a team, in addition to these technical React JS developer skills.

You can rely on talent recruitment partners like AppsRhino to do all the legwork while you relax and concentrate on your core operations! You can hire ReactJS Developers from the global talent pool through AppsRhino. You have complete control over selecting a developer based on their skill set, experience, or industrial background, and we will handle the rest. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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