Social Media Apps – Getting started on Instagram

Posted on July 17, 2018 at 11:28 AM

Social Media Apps - Getting started on Instagram
More than 500 million people are using Instagram every day and over five million businesses are using Instagram to tell their stories and connect with their fans and build their brand across the market.   Using Instagram for business and set up an account:
  • Setting up of the account by filling necessary personal information and profile photo.
  • Posting photos and videos.
  • Editing media by tagging people, writing captions, adding locations, sharing content on social profiles.
  • Posting Instagram stories through various ways: Tell a story, Promote a blog post, offer discounts, share interesting statistics, promote your brand and share some useful announcements.
  • Find people to follow: If you have not followed any accounts, Instagram will prompt you to find people to follow. You can either connect your Facebook account, connect your contacts, or follow profiles suggested by Instagram directly.
  • Commenting on a post is a most important part today to get ahead in every business. Social media is not only about publishing, it’s also about engaging.
  • Converting profile to a business profile: If you are using the Instagram account for your business or your company, I would recommend converting your Instagram profile to a business profile. With a business profile, you get to add additional information about your business on your profile and can also promote your Instagram posts. More importantly, you can also get analytics for your Instagram account.
  • Use the free analytics tool for tracking: It provides you with a wealth of data that you can use to measure and improve your Instagram marketing.
  • Use various tools for photo editing, comment posting that will save time and energy also will able to generate more connections consistently.

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